Monday, May 21, 2007

Gunner's Birthday Bash

Gunner turned 2 and we had to celebrate! We picked the Saturday that was the windiest day all year! We had a good time though! We celebrated with pizza, cake and a train ride around Freestone park! Thanks to everyone who was able to family, Justin's parents & the Lemmerman's.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Recent Pictures

Here are the boys brushing their teeth together. This picture was actually taken on Christmas Eve, so it's not recent, but I still thought it was cute!

Here we have Gunner in the bath. He loves bubbles! Justin was just glad the bubbles covered his manhood! (March 2007)
Here's Justin & I in the tulips on Temple Square in SLC. I loved the tulips! They were all over and in every color! It was so beautiful there, but REALLY cold! Too bad tulips dont grow too well in AZ!

My little bug! Okay, another not-so-recent picture, but it is one of my favorites, so I had to include it! This was taken while we were at the cabin last summer (June 2006). Caleb and I went on a walk and along the way, he kept wanting to pick up rocks. I showed him that he had pockets in his jacket and he thought it was the coolest thing! Long story short, he came back loaded down!
A few of you were asking about a recent picture of my family, so here you go! (Taken December 2006).

This last picture, I just love! My brother in law, Tim Reed, took it in Utah (April 2007) and I just cant take my eyes off it! I love the temple in the background and the statue of the mother with her children and did I mention the tulips!?

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Congratulations to Kristin & Tim!!!

I had to spread the news that my sweet sister is pregnant! Kristin and her husband Tim will be expecting their first little bundle of joy in January of 2008! Horrah for Krissy!! Can't wait to throw you a shower!

Monday, May 14, 2007

The Cook Family

Hi There! Okay, so we had to join the best bloggers and create one of our own for our family. Hey, anything I can do to brag on my hubby & 2 little rug rats! Thanks Chelsey, for talking me through it!

So, what's new with us, you ask? Well, Caleb is 4-1/2 (5 in August) and will complete his last year of preschool in about 2 weeks and then we'll have the summer together. Then he will start all-day kindergarten in the fall. Yikes! I am a little nervous, but overall, I think he will do great. He is a very social kid that loves to be with other children and he LOVES going to school. His favorite things to do are run through the sprinklers, play with his brother Gunner, read books and dance to any kind of music. Oh, he also LOVES to watch the Suns with his Daddy. Caleb will be going to special ed Kindergarten and will also attend a typical kindergarten class for part of his day. We are so proud of him!

Gunner just turned 2 on April 29th and is talking up a storm! He already knows his colors, letters and can count to 10. He is trying to count up to 20, but he'll start saying, "eleven, eighteen, eighteen...on and on." It's cute and I'm bursting with pride inside! He does help Caleb with so many things. Too much at times that I am often telling him that "you are not the boss!" He does like to help me with the daily things like doing dishes, and putting things away. He also likes to help me cook and his favorite thing to eat (at any time of the day) is pancakes. :-) He also LOVES to jump off of everything! He will jump off the couch, the beds, just about anything! He also has a pretty good shot when playing basketball. He is a sweet heart and is quite often the peacemaker in our family. He will ask for a hug at any moment to soften you up. It melts my heart. Justin & I are doing great these days. We are planning some vacations for the summer and are excited to spend time together. We recently were able to go to Utah and look at some of the church history there. We saw the Joseph Smith movie and walked around temple square. It was a testimony builder to be there! I also ran my first half marathon in Salt Lake and loved it! I admit, I never considered myself to be a runner, but since doing all the training and finding out that I have that desire to do it, I'm really loving running! Honestly, never thought I'd ever say that!

Anyhow, this will be fun to keep up with. If anything, it'll help me to keep our family history up to date. :)