Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Happy (late) Father's Day!

Yes, i know this is over a week late but I wanted to wish my sweet, adorable, hard working & wonderfully talented hubby a Happy Father's Day! I am so lucky to have this INCREDIBLE man in my life. He makes me so happy, he is such a GREAT dad to our kids and he is just flat out gorgeous! 

His Father's Day wasn't a very good one this year because I woke up early that morning (5am) with the stomach flu...yuck! So, poor Justin had to take care of the kids, get them to church, put them down for naps and didn't have a minute to himself while I was upstairs the whole day puking! He even took care of me on his special day! Sorry babe! However, I did manage to make it up to him the week after...better late than not at all right?!

I also wanted to wish my Dad  a great Father's Day. My sweet Daddy has had a rough couple of weeks. He's actually been in the hospital with a bad infection in his leg. He had to stay until the infection was under control and he finally got to come home yesterday after staying there for 12 days! Since he just got home, we'll be celebrating Father's Day this week so I'm happy we'll all get to be together! I'm so glad he's okay and back home again! I'm so thankful for him in my life and the many wonderful things he has taught me! He really has the kindest heart of anyone I know. He's always taught me to love others unconditionally. Love ya Daddio!

Last but never least, Happy Father's day to Pappy Cook. He is such a wonderful and sweet man that I have come to love so much. He has taught me so many great things about life and the gospel. One of my favorite things he always says is "How happy are you 1-10?" He always wants to see all his kids happy and he's always treated me just like one of his own. Love you lots Dad!!

Oh yeah and since I didn't do a post about Mother's Day I couldn't not mention my sweet Mom and Justin's Mom without saying how much I love them both! I love you Mom so much. You are such a kind-hearted and giving person. You are wonder woman! And to my Mom Cook, you have taught me so much and I am so thankful to you for raising such a fabulous man to be my hubby and Daddy to our kids. Love you both!


Saturday, June 21, 2008


I'm a little behind but wanted to post some pictures from what's been going on lately. First are some pics from Bree's blessing day! She was blessed on June 1st. Justin gave her a beautiful blessing and she looked gorgeous!!

We had lots of family join us for Bree's special day.

A quick pose for a family picture!

These are my favorite moments. Ah, a sleeping baby is so angelic!

From a little angel to future devil! Sun Devil that is! I found this onesie at Wal-mart and couldn't resist! Justin and I are both grads of ASU and big fans of Sun Devil football so naturally Bree will be too!

Caleb simply adores his little sister. Any moment he gets he sits by her, next to her, on her. He loves to hear her coo and she adores him too. These too have a truly special bond!

Gunner's latest news is he is POTTY TRAINED! He is so excited to wear his "big boy underpants." He is doing so good at telling me when he needs to go. Way to go Gunner we are so proud of you!

That's what's been going on with us in a nutshell! 
(p.s. for those that know my sis, she started a blog! Her link is on the side! Enjoy!)

Thursday, June 12, 2008



alright, i've just wasted a good 30 minutes trying to download a new background for my blog and came up UNSUCCESSFUL! I could have vaccuumed, done some dishes or cleaned my floor, but NO, i wasted time doing this and have nothing to show for it! Aargh! If anyone has any tips on downloading and installing backgrounds, send me advice! 

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

So you think GUNN can dance?

Last week we were watching the debut of "So you think you can dance?" (I know, I'm a teeny bopper!) and my boys started dancing. It's a typical thing, we turn on some tunes and they usually start bopping around... but this time was different...this time Gunner jumps up on my trunk/coffee table and busts some moves I've never seen. Check out the video! (I can't wait to embarrass him someday on his wedding day with this!)

Congrats Scotty!

Okay, so forgot to mention some IMPORTANT news that happened over our Memorial day weekend. My bro-in-law, Scott, proposed to his girlfriend Tiffany! YEA! Another sista in the Cook family. We love Tiffany. She is very sweet and kind and is just perfect for Scott. They'll be married in August. Talk about one hot wedding! I'm so excited for the two of them. They are a match made in heaven...this picture proves it!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Anyone for a little Summer Snow?

Yep, that's right! For our Memorial Day weekend we traveled up to the cabin and it SNOWED!! We usually go up to the cabin every year as a whole family to spruce it up and do some spring cleaning and this time it snowed! It hasn't snowed there this time of year in all our 9-1/2 years of marriage so this really was awesome! The kids had fun playing in it, although Caleb wasn't too sure this white stuff was all that fun when it was so cold outside! 

Breezy managed to keep warm. She seemed to like always being bundled up in this!
Justin didn't really want me to post this picture of Gunner cuz it seemed kinda dorky, but I couldn't resist! He looks SO cute! He's still my baby!

I love this picture of Gunner and his cousin Macey. They had so much fun playing together! Macey was even trying to potty train Gunner at the cabin. Thanks Macey Lou!

One funny thing that happened was Justin took the boys on a quad ride and Gunner fell asleep during their ride! Caleb loved being the driver of course! We also took the boys to Greer lodge to feed the ducks. It was super cold and windy but we all had a lot of fun!

We all had a very RELAXING weekend, especially Justin! Actually, he always does a ton of work and we are so grateful he works so hard so we can have such a great place to spend time together! Thanks G & G Cook for providing such a beautiful cabin!