Sunday, February 24, 2008

Girls Trip!!!

I have been meaning to post about this for ages and finally the moment has arrived where I can do it! Yea! 

A few weeks ago, my sisters-in-law and mom-in-law went on fun filled 3 day vacation from our kids (and hubby's) to L.A. for some shopping, entertainment and, you guessed it, more shopping! We stayed with my Mom-in-law's sister, Jenny and she showed us around the big ctiy. We had such a blast just being together and having "girly" talks! 

We saw "Wicked" which was phenomenal! I've never seen it before and it was soooo good! I can't wait to see it again and this time have Justin go with me! I totally loved Glinda's character! We also got to do lots of shopping by going to the Sample Sales in downtown and then also hit the Santee for some smokin' good deals on sunglasses, purses, shoes, suits, you name it! We also saw the girly movie "27 dresses." Then our last day we drove back and hit the outlets on the way home. It was a fabulous vacation and it was so fun to be with all the girls.  I'm so glad we made it happen and hope we can keep this as a tradition!

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Monday, February 18, 2008

We're It...Watch out you could be next!

8 Things you don't know about Gunner:

1. Every day when I wake up, I have a certain toy that is my favorite. It could be my dinosaur, my Elmo, my bear or my Little People. It changes daily and that's what makes me so fun. I always keep my Mom and Dad guessing what's next!
2. I love to say prayers! Every time we pray over food or say our family prayers, I always love to say it! I'm always asking "I say the prayer now?" And usually, I always bless my family and the food and tell Jesus that I love him.

3. I adore fruit snacks. I could eat 10 packs a day if my Mom let me. She tells me they are not that good for me, but I just can't understand why!

4. I love my Mommy a lot! I've always loved my Mom from day 1. I will ask to hold her hand in the car or ask her to tickle my leg when I'm sleepy. I think she likes it because I always see her smile whenever I ask!

5. I'm a boys boy! I love to watch basketball with my Dad and I really like Sparky from the Sun Devils. I will often ask my Dad, "Dad, I wanna see Sparky and the dancers!" I think my Dad is thrilled that I love Sparky's team and that I love to watch the dancers!

6. I like to point people out in a crowd. Often if I see someone with long hair and a beard, I will say "Hi Jesus" and when someone is wearing a cowboy hat, I will say, "Hi cowboy!" The one my mom liked a lot is when I saw a man at Wal-Mart who was wearing a nice shaded hat and I said, "Hi farmer, where's your horse?"

7. I love to play with my brother Caleb. He is my best friend. We like to play, jump, giggle, and wrestle with each other. I love it when he comes home from school. I like to see the big bus that he rides and I often will ask to get Caleb from school. I love my big brother Caleb!

8. I LOVE to jump! I am jumping off of everything all the time. My mom catches me jumping off the bed, the couch, tables and chairs! I jump so much, my parents finally bought me a trampoline and I love it! It satisfies my need to jump off everything!

 8 Things you don't know about Caleb:

1. I LOVE to take baths! No matter what time of day, I would always love to get in the bath. I would take 3 baths a day if I could. I love to play with my toys in the bath and watch them go under water and then pop right back up again. It makes me laugh every time!

2. I like playing with friends. Anytime anyone comes over I love to instantly make friends with them and just love interacting with everyone! I'm a social butterfly, well, since I'm a boy, maybe a social bug!

3. I love riding the bus to school. Everyday, when my Mom signs "backpack" I instantly know it's time to go to school and ride the bus! I love my bus driver and the girl I sit next to. She is my girlfriend. I have often gotten caught giving her smooches!

4.  I love my Daddy. I love wrestling with him, riding in the car, or just sitting next to him on the couch. When he sits me on his shoulders and walks around, I am the happiest boy on earth. 

5.  I love babies. Whenever I see a baby at church, at the store or at a friends house, I always stop and have to give them a love. I'm very soft with the babies. I like to pat their head or feel their soft hair. I can't wait for my baby sister to come!

6. I like playing with cars and reading books. I will often sit and look at books for the longest time. I'm learning all the time!

7. I love my brother Gunner. He is by far my favorite person to play with. I will often play follow the leader with him. I love to jump, run and play just like he does. He definitely shows me how to do a lot of stuff, especially get into messes! (My mom loves that!)

8. I love Elmo! I have a Tickle Me Elmo, Hokey Pokey Elmo, Chicken Dance Elmo and tons of Elmo plush figures. I like to take them with me in the car and have them sit next to me when I watch something on TV. What can I say, I'm addicted to Elmo!
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My Valentine

My sweet hubby Justin is truly my best friend. He is the most tender and loving man who takes such great care of me and our family. He spoiled me rotten on Valentine's Day by giving me a beautiful bouquet of pink roses and singing balloons. He also got me a new computer. So nice!!!

He makes me so happy and I'm so thankful for him. He tells me he loves me every day and helps around the house when he can tell I'm not feeling well. He'll take the boys and let me lay down because, let's be honest, I'm a whale these days! He also keeps us laughing all the time too. He loves to act silly together and loves to make me laugh. 
He'll never forget to kiss me goodbye before he leaves and he always tells me "I love you" on the phone before hanging up. He's my sweetheart and I'm so thankful he's my eternal companion. I'm the luckiest girl ever to have Justin has my hubby!! I love you babe!

These are some of my favorite pictures of him! 

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Gunner's Favorite Songs

Gunner loves to sing "Teach Me to Walk" and "I'm a Child of God" so last night we turned on the camera and watched our little boy sing until his heart was content. It was so darn cute! Here's the movie of him singing. Push pause on the music list before playing it to hear his cute voice! 

Friday, February 15, 2008


Well, after searching long and hard for the right computer, I finally found THE ONE!!! I converted over to the Mac world and bought a MacBook!!

I'm so loving it already! I have to send a greatly needed THANK YOU to my sweet hubby for getting this for me. It was my Valentine's present and I just love it. He is so sweet & thoughtful. Thanks for all those great suggestions on what to get. I'm so happy with it so far!!