Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Breezy Update!!

My cutie pie Bree had her two month check up last week and is doing great! She weighs 11 pounds and she's already 23-1/4 inches! She's starting to smile and coo more everyday.

I love this stage. She's such a happy go lucky little girl with a very mellow and peaceful personality. She loves her big brothers and just lights up when her Daddy talks to her. We love you little Breezy!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Code Yellow!!

This weekend has been fun. We had some interesting things happen. Friday night the boys were playing in the backyard and I had just finished nursing when I had an impression to go check on Caleb...well, turns out I cannot find him anywhere! I'm searching high and low, under trees and bushes, calling out his name, and now starting to get a little worried. I'm not frantic yet because the back gate was still closed so I know he couldn't have gotten out to the front but I'm thinking, "where could he have gone"? Well, as I tear through the house again, frantically looking everywhere for my 5 year old, I come out the front door to see my nice neighbors walking him back home. THE KID CLIMBED OVER THE WALL! Can you believe this??? 

Against our cinder block wall we had an old dog kennel (chain-link fence) lying against the wall and he climbed up that baby and jumped over to see what the neighbors were doing! The funny thing my neighbor said was "Ah, hunny, we have a kid in our backyard, and he's not ours!" 

Our Caleb truly is a monkey! He loves to climb on top of our playground outside and sit on top of the roof or just hang from the swing set. It must be a boy thing!

Well, if you think that was the only action of our weekend, guess again! Saturday morning rolls around, SAME THING HAPPENS! Caleb is gone again and this time the neighbors weren't home so Justin jumped the fence and retrieved our little stinker pants! Only this time, moved the chain fence far far away from the wall! Duh! We should've done it the first time!

This is Caleb after the first escape, thinking he was pretty cool!
Well, our day continues as we make a family trip to Target. Justin is playing hide n seek with Caleb in the aisles and I'm off in a different section with the others. Well, I pass Justin frantically looking for something and he says "I lost Caleb" to which I reply, "What?" Turns out they were playing and Caleb bolted out of his sight in a matter of seconds! (I promise, we really are good parents!) Well, a few moments go by, I start looking around and Justin tells one of the Target employees. They instantly announce "Code Yellow, Code Yellow!" over all the walkie talkies and start "locking down" the store! In a matter of about 3 minutes they had found him running through the check out stands! How grateful I am to the sweet lady that had a good hold of Caleb by the time we got to him! I think from now on we'll be calling him our Houdini monkey!

All in all, the experience was reassuring. Aside from feeling really stupid for losing my child, it was good to know that there were employees all over the store looking around for my kid and that they wouldn't let anyone in or out until they found him. Thank you Target!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Caleb's Last Game!

I finally made it to Caleb's last baseball game and it was changed to kickball wouldn't you know! Oh well, I made it there, right?! Justin usually takes him so I was so excited to finally attend a game! Here are a few pictures heading to the game and then some of Caleb in action. I think Caleb's favorite part of the games were the crowd cheering for him!

This is Caleb's "wassup man" face! And Gunner is so excited to wear his baseball hat just like his big brother!

Getting ready to kick! Go Caleb!!

Caleb is #1 and Gunner is the green shirt.

Caleb also wore his baseball hat for one of the first times. Yea!

My little miss stayed awake for the entire game. She already wants to get in on all the action!

Gunner had lots of fun playing on the bleachers. He also climbed the batting cages about 15 feet high. Unfortunately, I didnt get a picture of that one...I was helping get him down. Little stinker!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Boys Trip!

Two weeks ago it was Fathers and Sons for our ward so Justin took Gunner to camp in the mountains. (Caleb wasn't feeling so well, so he had to stay home with me and Bree...maybe next time buddy!) Gunner had a great time being with Daddy. He was so excited to sleep in the tent and run around outdoors! They had a great time!

My boys are so darn cute! They had tons of fun together. Let's hear it for the boys!! 

Gunner's Preschool Graduation & Birthday Bash!

Okay, I am trying to get updated here. So, I'm combining his graduation from preschool and birthday video together in one post!

On May 1st, Gunner finished his playschool (pre-preschool). He has loved every bit of going to his "class." He traveled every tuesday and thursday to Mesa (with his buddy Will) and had such a great time. Miss Kristen always had adorable crafts for them to do and they learned cute songs and most importantly learned to make friends and get ready for preschool. Here's a few pictures.
Aren't these grad hats cute? She made them out of paper plates & bowls! So crafty!

A quick pose with Mom!

Gunner and his good buddy Josh.

Gunner and Will - great buds!

Miss Kristen is reading some of Gunner's great qualities he learned in class. Thank you Kristen for a wonderful year. Gunner loved every moment!

Last Saturday Gunner finally got to have his party. We've had his Elmo pinata for weeks and he has begged and begged to break it open and eat his candy so the day finally arrived!! He had a lot of his buddies come over along with lots of family and we had his ELMO party. Elmo cake, Elmo pinata, Elmo everything! (And I put this video together myself. I was so excited because I did it using my new Mac. It's an imovie! Yea me, I dont feel quite so computer stupid today!) Happy Birthday Gunner! We love you buddy!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Caleb's Kindergarden performance

Caleb had his end of the year program at school a couple weeks ago and he did so good! All the kindergartner's put on a cute show. They sang lots of songs and Caleb had such a great time. The two boys standing next to him are his good buddies in his class. They are the tallest kindergartner's I have ever seen! But, it's good to know Caleb's buddies are the biggest kids in class! It's good knowing he has body guards at school. :-)

The new loft!

Over the past few weeks, we've been doing some home improvement. We've put in crown moulding in the kitchen and family room and did chair rail upstairs in the hall. Well, since Justin was taking charge of most of this, I decided I wanted a project also. What was I thinking? This took me about 3 weeks to complete! (Since most of my free time is from 8-11pm! ha ha!) So, I painted our loft a new RED color and changed up the decor. Here's the before and after pictures of the loft.

I'm loving how it turned out! The boys love it too now that they have their own little lazy boy chairs! It's not completely done because I still have to put up drapes and some decor on the walls, but just wanted to post the pictures of it because I was really proud of myself for FINALLY finishing my painting job. For anyone that has painted in RED before, you know it takes like 3 coats. I had many late nights painting!!
If anyone has any suggestions on drapes or decor for the walls, pass them my way! I always love hearing new ideas!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Happy 3rd Bday Gunner!

Gunner turned 3 on April 29th. Happy birthday to my beautiful boy of 3 years. You are such a joy to have in our family. You make us laugh with all the cute things you do and say. You amaze us with how smart you are. You memorize books I read to you with only hearing them a few times. You love to play and jump and you are a great big and little brother! You love to help Mommy with anything, even chores! You love to be with your Daddy and love anything Dad does. You love to play and watch basketball and are such a sweet kid. You are also our little candy monster. You love to get your hands on candy all the time! We adore you Gunner. We hope you had a great day!

For Gunner's birthday, we took him to Peter Piper Pizza. He had such a great time playing all the games and winning his tickets for his special prize at the end. He gets to have his own party soon where he keeps reminding me that we are all going to sing "Happy Birthday" to him and no one else. I guess between nursery, preschool and home, he has to do a lot of sharing so he's excited his party is all his own! :-) 

This is my happy boy when he first woke up!

Dad and Gunner kickin' it at Peter Piper Pizza

Boys will be boys. They had to ride the Tonka truck over and over!

Good shot buddy! Pretty good form huh?

Caleb loved to just stand by the games and think he was playing them. Ha ha!

And my little miss Bree was content the whole time. She's so laid back, I love it!

Happy Birthday Gunner!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Photo shoot!

Last week my WONDERFUL sis-in-law Alisa was kind enough to take some "Anne Geddes" style pictures of my little Bree. It was fun. We did a lot of naked pictures and Alisa had some great ideas. Unfortunately, I was so limited on time that day that we had to rush a bit, but they still turned out GREAT! Also, my sister Kristin was able to come and bring her new baby Corinne. The girls had matching outfits so we got some really cute pictures of them together. Here are some of my favorite shots!

Bree looks a bit tired here, she had just eaten so she was slowly dozing off!

I love this picture!

Don't you love the bow? It was made by my friend Alicia if anyone wants one!

Tiny feet!

I'm just loving her deep blue eyes and all her rolls! She's turning into my little chunky monkey!

We had to do the 'traditional' anne geddes shot of course!

This is Krissy's little girl Corinne. Isn't she a doll? She grabbed Bree's hand and it was so darn cute!

Speaking of gorgeous, isn't Kristin looking good? She is loving being a new mommy. She's already a pro!

Our girls are only 10 weeks apart. It's going to be so fun finding matching outfits for them to wear and it'll be great seeing them grow up together!