Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Happy 3rd Bday Gunner!

Gunner turned 3 on April 29th. Happy birthday to my beautiful boy of 3 years. You are such a joy to have in our family. You make us laugh with all the cute things you do and say. You amaze us with how smart you are. You memorize books I read to you with only hearing them a few times. You love to play and jump and you are a great big and little brother! You love to help Mommy with anything, even chores! You love to be with your Daddy and love anything Dad does. You love to play and watch basketball and are such a sweet kid. You are also our little candy monster. You love to get your hands on candy all the time! We adore you Gunner. We hope you had a great day!

For Gunner's birthday, we took him to Peter Piper Pizza. He had such a great time playing all the games and winning his tickets for his special prize at the end. He gets to have his own party soon where he keeps reminding me that we are all going to sing "Happy Birthday" to him and no one else. I guess between nursery, preschool and home, he has to do a lot of sharing so he's excited his party is all his own! :-) 

This is my happy boy when he first woke up!

Dad and Gunner kickin' it at Peter Piper Pizza

Boys will be boys. They had to ride the Tonka truck over and over!

Good shot buddy! Pretty good form huh?

Caleb loved to just stand by the games and think he was playing them. Ha ha!

And my little miss Bree was content the whole time. She's so laid back, I love it!

Happy Birthday Gunner!


Melody B. said...

Yeah, I see he found the claw game that has...oh look at that...CANDY!:P And little miss seems totally enthrawled with her striped car seat cover! Oh to be so easily entertained!:) Happy birthday bud!

Kari & Justin said...

Happy bday bud, you're such a great kid!
Love, Dad

Alisa Larson said...

Happy Birthday Gunner!! We love you so much! You are the smartest three year old I know! Hope you have fun with all your new birthday toys!