Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Day

Christmas morning came! The kids waiting to see what Santa brought. Ooohh! They are on pins & needles!

I really think my favorite part of Christmas morning is watching the kids open their presents. I love their faces all filled with excitement and anticipation. 

Showing off their angry birds...

My favorite...

My other favs are the super sleepy faces of kids that were too excited to sleep the night before...

Santa left the kids a Thank You note for the cookies...

We had to follow tradition and jump in all the wrapping paper...

I hope you had a very Merry Christmas! We sure did!

Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Eves

This year we celebrated Christmas Eve Eve with Justin's family and Christmas Eve with mine. 

For Christmas Eve Eve, we celebrated with dinner then did the nativity scene and talents. Isn't Breezy a super cute angel? Love this girl.

The chaos of getting ready...

Love these kids. So glad they are all close cousins.

Next came time to open presents...

I love Annalise's present. 

Lots of random family shots...

Grandma Steverson (Gam La Mor) is always so sweet to give all the grandkids treats and money. She is an amazing woman that shops around all the Goodwill stores and finds the BEST things! She has clothed all the grandkids and she's 92! We love you Gam la Mor!

Next up was my family's night to celebrate Christmas Eve. Once again, did the dinner thing, opened presents, talked about the real meaning of Christmas, decorated cookies for Santa and opened presents. Here's a few of my favs.

Hopefully, this post didn't put you to sleep! (Yep, I'm gonna be in trouble for this one...hehehe)

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

December fun

Alrighty, this is another random picture post. Enjoy...

I snapped this picture with my iPhone. I am in love with sun rays and huge cloud cover. This is a little piece of heaven for me. :)

This guy showed up at our house again...the kids get so excited when he comes to visit. I must say that he can be pretty forgetful though. He forgot to change spots a few times. I'll have to tell Santa he's a lazy elf!

My baby is starting to scale the furniture...why does he have to grow up??

For our ward Christmas party we went on a hay ride & did caroling around the neighborhood, had yummy food & hot chocolate & had a visit from Santa. Did I mention Justin was in charge of the whole night? It was a lot of fun. You did a great job hunny!!

We got a few treats this month too from some friends and family. They were gobbled up immediately by my sweets-addicted children.

I love my Christmas tree. Makes me happy!

This is Caleb & Nickolas at school. They are inseparable. What's so cute is that they have this amazing connection between the two of them. They are both non-verbal and both have Downs. What cute friends.

A lot of wrestling went on this month as usual...

Miss Bree had an open house dance class where all the parents and grandparents were invited to watch. She was so dang cute. Melts my heart!

Caleb got to have a pajama day at school 2 days in a row. Lucky! They partied big time. We love Mrs. Sue! 

Gunner had a Christmas singing celebration followed by making a crafty Christmas tree with frosting and yummy treats.

 I love his concentration face...

The finished product

We adore Mrs. Neal!

This month I really wanted to get a picture with all my kids and Santa. We went to Bass Pro Shop and it was so fun! First, I've never been there (I guess because it's a Man's Outdoor store...haha) but I will be going back for sure! They have a winter wonderland for the kids, a mini Merry-Go-Round, a huge fish tank, lots of toy areas where you can play with the toys and a restaurant! No wonder Justin never told me about this place...it's so fun to hang out there!

Anyway, we played on the toys and stuff while we waited to see Santa. And yes, I let Bree wear her Minnie Mouse dress...

Massive fish tank with lots of nice Bass. :)

Such a happy baby...can you see his first two teeth?

After all this it was our turn to see Santa. Bree kept telling me she didn't want to sit on Santa's lap consented to stand by him and tell him what she wanted for Christmas. She was doing fine until it actually came time to go up to him....She wanted nothing to do with him. 

Being the mean Mom I am (and because I wanted that picture) I made her go stand by him. Here's the result. Poor girl.

I must say, Santa looks thrilled to be there...

The last picture of the night...me: "Please everybody, one last picture...look at me!"

Aha! Success...

Can't wait to see Santa next year! 

More to come later...