Thursday, October 20, 2011

October break - Part 1

This year, I was determined to get a good vacation out of October break. In years past, it creeps up on me and I don't plan to do much while my kids are out of school. So, this year I wanted to get out of the heat (since it was still in the 100s in October here! yuck!) and escape to Cali! So, we took off to Huntington Beach & Disneyland for a week and it was a great trip! 

We spent the first couple days with Krista & Ryan and their cute fam. Our kids play so well together (I wish you guys lived closer!) and we simply adore them! We shared an awesome beach house and it was so fun having all the cousins together.

Justin & Ryan kickin' it:

We went to Ruby's on the pier twice while we stayed at the beach house. Yum! The kids all enjoyed taking a walk on the pier and seeing the surfers and waves.

We desert rats don't realize how windy it gets on the pier and I forgot to bring the kids jackets. Duh! I don't think they really minded until the walk back. It gets cold! Who knew?! I love this picture of my Breezy in the breezy California wind at sunset (and the tiny surfer in the background). 

Straight out of the camera. I L-O-V-E sunsets!

Before we got dinner at Ruby's we walked around to see what some of the fisherman had caught. One guy had a couple of these bad boys. The kids were thrilled. 

On the first night, I went to check on the kids after they fell asleep. This is how I found Caleb. He was totally gone asleep. I was amazed he could sleep this way. His head is on the floor!

The next day we headed to Balboa Island. 

Krista knows how to window shop! 

This cute guy was saving me a seat while we watched the people going by and window shopped some more

On the way to the ferry to Balboa Island, we walked by some gorgeous houses on the beach. Where are the pictures, you ask? Oh ya, I didn't take any. :( I did love how much Billy would take care of Bree. He was always holding her hand and being such a sweet cousin. 

I love the sparkling water in the background!

Balboa. Let the fun begin.

On the ferry...

Checkin' out the salt water candy. The chocolate chip was my fav! 

 Breezy loves driving with the windows down. That's my girl.

Ah, my snaggle-tooth! At least that was his nickname for that week. He lost one of his "temporary's" before we left for the trip and walked around like this that week. I still love his smile. Teeth or no teeth! 

After Balboa we hit the beach back in Huntington. Gunner was running wild with his cousins, I only saw him when he came back to get warm for a minute then went back out again. Caleb was a little more cautious but loved chasing the waves back and forth and up & down the beach. 

Breezy told me she didn't like the cold water so she just wanted to play in the sand. I wish I looked as cute with my belly sticking out as she does here. :)

Gunner tackling the waves...

When the kids got cold, we buried them. I love Anna's face. She was nice & toasty.

Pure relaxation! Plus, I liked my pink toes. 

Forgot to throw this one in. Just because I love it. (and I love her buns)

Know what I mean?

 Some of my favorite shots:

If this post didn't tucker you out, just wait...Disneyland is up next! 

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Picture Outtakes

Every year I envision getting family pictures done and having them turn out perfect. Well, in real life where I live, it often doesn't happen...unless I hire a photographer.

This year was no different. I opted to take the pictures of my kids myself then then do the family ones using a tripod and a little help from a friend.

From now on, I will hire someone to do it for me!

The stress of having everyone ready, getting myself ready, finding a perfect location with good back-drops, being behind the camera while trying to remember the settings on my camera (I am still an ameatuer, remember?), posing everyone, trying to get them to smile at me while I threaten their lives, then reassure everyone "we are having fun, right?" while all along trying to beat the sun going down and also maintain my composure....

Next year, I'm hiring a professional.

Nonetheless, there were a couple good pictures until my sweet Caleb had an accident and fell and knocked out both of his PERMANENT front teeth! What?? How does this happen?? During family pictures of all things!

However, Caleb was ok. He was actually a trooper with everything that happened. He was able to get in to our sweet bishop, who is also a Pediatric dentist, and he fixed him right up. He put 2 temporary teeth on until we could get him back in for a root canal and 2 shiny new implants. Oh, the poor kid. But, like I said, he was amazing through it all.

And now, going for parents of the year award, since Caleb seemed to be okay, we tried to take a few family pictures right after it happened. I know, we are nuts. But, we were dressed & he was okay for the moment so we thought we could get a few taken. None of these will be on the Christmas card but it's a memory. There you have it. (Just when you thought you were the best parent of the year, I go and throw that at you...ha! can you sense my sarcasm?)

Anyway, here's a few for your viewing pleasure...

Babies are pretty much photogenic no matter what mood they're in, but my baby seems to really like the camera. :)

I love this one, but I saved the best one for the Christmas card. Sorry, you'll just have to wait. Ya, I'm mean like that.

Gunner saw these scrolls and thought they'd be good for a picture or two.

His poses are all his own idea.

My sweet girl

She told me her shoes were "glass" like Cinderella's.

Mr. Caleb before his accident...all teeth intact...smiling for the moment.

For some reason I love the crooked glasses.

 Goofing off with Dad

Caleb wasn't in the mood for a group picture at this moment, so I snapped a few of these 3 cuties.

Most of our family pictures looked like this...

...until he knocked out his teeth and they were worse. 

Getting hugs after it happened. :( Ya, I took pictures after the fact. I'm weird like that. 

Sweet Daddy doing some consoling...

His lips started to fatten up right away. My poor little guy!

Trying for a silly's pretty much all we could get. Poor Caleb was totally done at this point.

and so was everyone else...

The end!