Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Yes, it has been forever since my lastest post! Sadly, about 10 days ago, my beloved computer of 5-1/2 years passed away! There were a few tears shed, mostly by me because I was so sad that my pictures, programs, emails were all gone! Some tears were shed by Justin when I told him the news since we think we'll have to buy a new one and he cried anticipating the money we'll have to spend on another computer!

As for now, I'm using Justin's REALLY OLD laptop so I won't be posting that often, at least until our computer is fixed or we can welcome a new one into the family!

Don't fret though, there will be more pictures and stories to come! Hey, if anyone has suggestions on which computers are best, pass them my way. I'm starting to shop around!

Sunday, January 6, 2008

I'm lame!

Okay, I promised pictures and all I can say is that I have "baby brain!" I went to see Kristin & Tim at the hospital last week and even took my camera, but forgot to take pictures! Duh! I haven't been to visit them lately because I've had sick kiddos but they will come soon!

Just a quick update, for those that don't know, little Corinne had a hard couple of days after she was born. She threw up some blood a few hours after birth and had to have a NG-tube put down her nose into her tummy to pump out any excess blood. She had a few episodes of vomitting, but the doctors and nurses said she just swallowed too much blood in the birth canal. She had an IV hooked up and received sugar water to keep her blood sugar up. She was in the ICU for the time they stayed in the hospital but now all is well and both Mom and baby are home, happy and healthy! She was able to come home on Saturday and now she's eating well and adjusting just fine!

We are so excited little Corinne is here and so happy all is well!

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Baby Corinne is here!

That's right! My sister Kristin had her baby yesterday morning at 5:15am. They named her Corinne Lynae Reed. She was 6 lbs, 12.5 oz and was 21-1/4 inches long. Kristin had a hard labor. Her water broke at 6am on January 1st and labored for almost 24 hours. She ended up having to push for nearly 2-1/2 hours! But, Kristin says its all worth it! I think she is super woman! I don't have pictures of Corinne yet but am headed to the hospital today so I'll get some good ones!

(I'll try to get all my Christmas and New Years pictures posted soon! - Not that anyone out there is just DYING to see them!) ha ha!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

New Years Eve Bash!

For new years eve this year we were die hard party animals! We let the boys stay up til 9:30pm (WOW!) and Justin and I celebrated by watching a movie and falling asleep on the couch! We did manage to wake up at 11:55 and did a toast with sparkling cider. Real party animals right? Maybe next years we'll actually go outside of our house!

Anyway, here's a little video of the kiddos banging some pots and pans when we said it was "time" to ring in the new year.