Friday, August 31, 2012


This was such a hot HOT H-O-T month! The kids finished their swim lessons and everyday I watched with envy as said kids, life guards and Moms got to get in the water and cool off. 

Gunner's last day of the goggles buddy!

My sweet Dad turned 61 this month. Love you Daddio! 

Breezy started preschool again. She has a new teacher this year, Mrs. Carol, and she's excited to be big like her brothers. The cow girl boots are from her cousin, Anna, and Bree wears them practically everyday!

This boy....oh, this boy! 
He is refusing to use his high chair and wants to sit with the kids at the counter. Well, not exactly "sit." He has to stand on the stool because he's too short if he sits down. So he's always found standing on the chairs.
 Bye Bye high chair!

He really is delicious though...

More random pictures...Bree and her red cow girl boots. 

Gunner is loving the peace signs lately. He's rocking it!

And then we come to this pic I put on Instagram. This boy is constantly climbing on the table, counter, everywhere! His favorite thing to do is climb on the table and throw all the apples and oranges off my fruit plates. Well, they do look like balls... what logic! 

My caption for this one was: "hair twins". 
Ha Ha Ha

In other random fashion, Bode was playing Risky business. He's going to be a heart-breaker ladies! 

Bree got the "Top Banana" at preschool. It's a big deal. She was caught happily sharing with another classmate so she got the award that day. Go Bree! 

Another one of Bree's favorite days was "Green Day." Each day of the week they have different activities highlighting all the colors. The color green was at the end of the month and this is Bree's favorite color. So, naturally, she was extremely excited for green day. 
She's exploding with excitement you can tell. 

Just a random picture...I'm always amazed at the way kids can just fall any position. It looks so uncomfortable. 

And then we come to the end of the month, celebrating Caleb's birthday. I can't believe this boy is 10 already. Where has the time gone? I feel like it's going in warp speed and I can barely catch up! 

We had a swimming party with some friends from school and church and Caleb loved it. We had pizza and ice cream cake. Yum! I love my sweet 10 year old boy. So thankful he's mine!

Caleb and Shaunae... she works with Caleb. I would adopt her in a heart beat! She's like a sister to me. So helpful, loving and kind. We love her!

Our traditional balloon-wishes release. 3 - 2 - 1....

 Happy Birthday sweet Caleb. You are such a wonderful boy. You bring a tender spirit to our home. You remind us of the important things in this life. You give us eternal perspective. You help us slow down and enjoy the things that we might otherwise overlook. We love you buddy. Happy 10th Birthday. Love, Mom & Dad


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