Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Once again, playing catch up through pictures. Here's my favorites from the month of July!

My sweet boy. Love it when he gives me that smile. Melts my heart.

I started practicing my braiding skills on Breezy...as long as she will sit for me. She asked for a heart braid. This was the best I could do. Pinterest has some fun ideas too. The possibilities are endless!

We went swimming at my parent's pool quite a bit this month. July is when the hot temps are brutal. The pool was so warm it felt like a bath!

One of my favorite things...the sunlight through the clouds! Like heaven shining down. 

To celebrate Independence day we traveled to Greer. We love it up there. The weather is perfect and its the perfect escape...4 hours and we're in such a different climate. Green grass, tall trees and cool weather. Perfection. We watched the parade and the kids loved grabbing all the candy. Bode loved watching the horses walk by. 

Love this picture of the boys riding on the quad. What handsome boys I have!

We did work too...as is tradition...

 ...and took more rides on the quad...

 Love this one of my little stud muffin...

We enjoyed some festive cake and always love being together.

Bree just adores her Grandpa Cook. She followed him around and wanted to be wherever he was. She prays for him every night. Love this girl! 

The boys also hung the new bear that Grandpa "shot"...well actually "bought" but we won't tell...

Big Harv with his mini-me bobblehead, lil Harv. We had this made for Father's Day. I think he loved it!

It was a great 4th of July!

This month also brought lots of trips to the splash pad. We all loved cooling off in the hot weather!

Gunner made it to the quarter finals in swim team. He did the backstroke and breaststroke. He tried his hardest but didn't place. There's always next year. At least he looks good in his sunglasses. :)

A massive storm rolled in mid-July. It went from being 113s to 75. It was great. This pic doesn't do it justice. I had to pull over in my car and wait it out because I couldn't see 10 feet in front of me. It was raining so hard and the wind was crazy! It was exciting for this desert rat!

According to our "summer fun list" we put down making fun cookies. The kids loved this idea. We made our own hamburger cookies with vanilla wafers, thin mints, coconut dyed green and icing in yellow and red for the ketchup and mustard. 

Voila! Hamburger cookies! I can't take the credit, I found it from Six Sister's blog . 

 We hit up a lot of the summer movies too. Love my littles!

Yes, here's another picture of sunlight through the clouds. Here in AZ, we don't see a whole lot of clouds, so it makes shots like this extra special!

On July 23rd, the boys started school again. It seems to start earlier every year. But the boys were excited and ready to go back. Caleb is in 5th and Gunner in 2nd. 

I only have one more year with this girl at home. I think I'm in denial. Can I find some way to hold her back so she can stay home with me a little longer??

Watching her blankie get washed and dried. Cutest girl ever.  

Last, just had to throw this one in there. This boy is delicious. Although on this particular day, his shirt couldn't be more suiting to his mood. Super grumpy. Super stubborn. Oh well, I still love him. 

Tata for now...