Saturday, June 30, 2012


This was a very busy month. Looking back it seems like it all flew by but the month was really jam packed! 

First, my sweet hubs took off for a week and spent it with his boys in the Young Mens. AP Camp. We missed him a ton but tried to keep busy....and while the cat's away, the mice will play...

And play we did... One night my Mom & Dad and sister took the kids to Peter Piper Pizza. The food is always too greasy & over priced but the kids had fun with the games and won a zillon tickets for prizes that I could get at the dollar store. Oh well... it's a good memory!

One night we tried to sleep on the trampoline. I really tried but by 2 am my back was killing me and the mosquitos were attacking us. So I brought the kids in.
But they loved it! 

Breezy had her big dance recital. She looked so cute and did such a great job. This was taken the day of her dance recital right before Daddy left. 


Waiting to go back stage... poor little thing had a tight elastic holding her hat on & also cutting off the circulation in her neck. But she pulled through and kept it together for her dance. I reminded her "beauty is pain". As soon as she was done, she chucked the thing as far across the room as she could. Who would blame her? 
Certainly not me.

Couple other random things we did was go to the lake. I didn't take any pictures but this one. The boys played so hard they were falling asleep on the way home. 

Is this not the cutest kid you have ever seen? Seriously can't get enough of this delicious baby! 

Ah yes, and one day the kids were magically getting along (a rare occasion) and they were playing super heroes. They all gave themselves names. Bree was Knife Girl, Caleb was Bat boy and Gunner was Vector Spiderman. 
Proud mom moment!

Then it was my turn to go to Girls camp with my ward after Justin got home. Granted it was a lot of work and pretty hard to juggle everything but I feel that we were greatly blessed by serving the youth of our ward. 

Our crazy bunch:

Love shots like this: 

 Gunner started swim team this month. He did really well. Got 2nd place in one of his races in the back stroke. Way to go buddy! Love that toothless smile!

Don't know if I'll ever get used to the "jammers" but it's what the swimmers wear so I guess I'll just have to pretend! 

Poor Bode attended one of his swim meets with me. His sweet cheeks were so flushed. The heat is torturous! 

After the finish...

I was able to go on a date with just Caleb and I. We had a good time and went out for ice cream. His favorite. Love my boy!

 On to July...

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