Thursday, May 31, 2012


Alright, so I'm back. I really don't know if anyone reads this here blog anymore, but I figured, what the heck, I'll give it a go again. 

So, once again, here's an update (thru pictures) on us for the beautiful month of May!

Bode got his first "official" haircut. I loved his long locks but it was looking a little "mullet-ish" so we had to cut them off. Sad day for Mom!

(He was a little unsure of what was happening)

(So handsome!)

We frequented In'n Out quite a bit this month and the kids put the stickers to good use. 

Bode developed a taste for milkshakes. Man this kid is cute.

Bree borrowed my shoes after church one Sunday afternoon. This girl loves shoes.

Bree also finished preschool this month. We love Mrs. Stacey and will miss her!

I saw this at Costco and coveted it. I think it would be great for Caleb and for family bike rides around the hood. Too bad its only $2500. Christmas present?? ya right, haha.

This is my latest completed project. My sweet friend Kelly helped me sand, re-finish, paint & distress it. I love the butter yellow. MmmMmm. Makes me hungry. 

We celebrated Mother's Day. Here's my Mom with all her grandkids. Caleb is the blur on the left.

My sis, Mom, me and my lil bro Matthew. We missed you Kenna and Kelli! We all look orange thanks to one of the filters from Instagram.

Happy Mother's Day also to my sweet mom in law, Anne. You are wonder woman! Love you!

Bode started developing his independence and throwing some collassal tantrums. Managed to capture this sweet moment of him kicking and screaming. Heaven help me...the terrible twos are coming!

Aside from his tantrums, he loves to take showers. Oh my how I love him!

This month Bree performed with her music class, That's Entertainment. She sang several songs and did such a great job. She said her favorite was the Justin Bieber one, Never say Never. Love it!

She looked so cute up there on stage! 

Gunner pulled out his first top tooth. He was so proud! Good job buddy!

Just a random pic of my cute babe with his hair blowing in the wind!

Also this month this sweet piece of technology arrived! It's Caleb's new talker. It is similar to an iPad and will help Caleb communicate through pushing buttons to express his wants and needs. We are so excited!! 

This month also brings the craziness of the end of the school year. Caleb had a graduation party for moving up to the 5th grade. 5th grade!?! What!? My babies are growing too fast! 

He & his bestie Nickolas!

Last random pic. Just trying to get a pic of all 4 together. It's practically impossible! It's been a happy month... on to June!

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Ina said...

The pictures are so cute. I can't wait for June :-)