Monday, April 30, 2012


Catching up this month through pictures. Thank goodness for my iPhone. Otherwise I would have not taken any pictures!

Easter. We followed tradition and went to the Phillips Lake house for lots of water-skiing, egg dyeing and yummy food. The kids always have a blast!

We also attended the Easter pageant. This was the only pic I took. Yes, Caleb did grab the sword of a Roman soldier. 

I took Bree and Bode to the AZ Museum for Youth for Bree's preschool field trip. I had never been and it was awesome. Lots for the kids to do. There's also lots good backdrops for cool pics. So fun! 
(These pics courtesy of InstaGram)

My little beauty.

Also this month, Bode decided to run full speed into a wall and nearly punctured his teeth through his bottom lip. It's a bad picture but had to document it. It was a nasty thing to watch heal and looked super painful but he managed! Poor kid. I have a feeling this one is going to my kid that I run to the hospital for stitches and broken bones. The kid never stops!

I ran Ragnar SoCal with these lovely ladies. Post to come later... 

Gunner finished his spring soccer season. They partied with a splash pad and pizza party.  Here he is with Coach Brian. He got "best defender" award. Way to go buddy! 

April is one of my favorite months to be outside and enjoy the AZ weather. Lots of fun on the trampoline.

This month I took Bree to get a "real" pedicure. She loved it! 

Green toes, of course!

She picked out her own outfit. The girl has style all her own.

Easter Sunday pics...

This is the best I could get of Bode... and Caleb had no part in sitting for a picture. Oh well! 

Egg hunt in the backyard... 

Last but never least, Gunner turned 7 this month. 
This boy is growing up too fast. I'm going to blink and he'll be going on his mission, going to college and getting married. Sheesh, time flies.

I took donuts into his class for his special day.

His whole class sang to him and he pretended to be embarrassed but secretly loved it. I ADORE his teacher. She is phenomenal! 

 As if he didn't already get enough sugar, Grandma stopped by with some cupcakes. Double chocolate...his fave! 
Things I love about Gunner at 7:
He is kind to others, always looking for ways to help. He has a very good heart and always wants to do what's right. Hates getting in trouble. Loves school and learning new things. He's a great reader. He loves to play games and is super sweet but when he plays sports he becomes a competitive crazy man! He gives 110% at every sport he plays. He also hates to lose...we're working on that one. He's developing his testimony and is excited to get baptized next year. 

We love you Gunn! Happy 7th Birthday! 

That weekend we celebrated with a mini-party. He wanted to do a big birthday party this year but since next year is the big "8" and we'll do a big party then; he settled for a movie & ice cream party with a few of his good buddies. 

Phew, I'm done! Glad you made it through this post! 
 The End! 

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