Thursday, June 23, 2011

Still in the clear...

Breezy had her tests again on June 21 & 22nd. She's still cancer & tumor free. We couldn't be happier. And neither could she! 
 Like the hair? I curled her hair for church one day and without hair-spraying, it turned out like this.  Kinda reminds me of an old-fashioned hairstyle? You? 

Ah, what to do with the hair!? I get asked on a consistent basis if I crimp her hair. And the answer is "nope" The hair does what the hair wants. 

I took this pic moments before they took her away to put her to sleep for a couple of hours. Notice the medical bracelet taped to her shoulder? She wouldn't wear it on her wrist because it "not pretty nuf Mom!" Apparently the hospital needs to put a little more bling on their medical bracelets to meet Bree's approval.

All is well, she's still kicking cancer's trash. We are forever grateful. Some other good news is that she'll get a year off from doing any more scans. We'll still monitor her bloodwork every few months but other than that, she's doing great! 
Go Breezy! 

Monday, June 6, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend

We headed up to the cabin for some cool weather, work and good times with family. The kids all had a blast with each other. It's crazy how I'd barely see my kids when we're up there because they were all playing with cousins, building tree forts and they're exhausted each night. LOVE it!

Caleb loved hanging out with his older cousins and wanted to be where ever they were.  

He also had fun exploring around the cabin. Can you find him?

Love his million dollar smile!

Gunner was in heaven. There weren't enough hours in the day for the fun he had planned. He adores all his cousins!

Bree LOVED hanging out with the girls and doing more calming activities like painting or sleeping. :)

She also found out that the porch swing is pretty fun too. :)

Bode liked being held or rocked to sleep and also enjoyed eating every 2-3 hours. The boy is a tank. The life of a 4 month old is tough. Eat. Sleep. Poop. Repeat.

This pic of him is my latest fav!

He sure adores his Grandma!

Justin loved the gourmet hot dogs that his parents brought up. They were massive!

I enjoyed taking pictures of everyone and capturing fun moments. 
My sis in law Alisa is so gorgeous!

Sweet Livi found the best spot around!  

Alisa always loves playing pranks and brought in a crawdad from the stream. She just wanted to show it to her mom. I guess Mom isn't a fan. 

Cute boys

Yummy food

Great company!

Happy Memorial Day! 

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Last Day of School

Nothing but parties, food and more parties. The boys both had a great "last day." 

In Caleb's class they did a little ceremony for all the kids and had them walk down a red carpet (since they were all STARS!) and received a certificate of advancement into the next grade. They all loved the attention. 

(I was mad I forgot my good camera at home so I had to take pics with my phone. But, at least captured the moments!) Caleb was so proud!

Ms. Jessica. She's so sweet. 

These two are good buds. Yuensong. He's such a goof ball and such a lover-boy!

I had to throw this picture in because it was so cute. Evan is graduating to Jr. High and his mom had him wear this cap & gown. It was so great. He ran up and down the red carpet giving high fives to everyone. He was definitely feeling the stardom! 
I started to tear up it was so sweet.

Gunner had an end of the year program too. All the kinders sang songs related to the ocean. They all designed their own t-shirts too. Why do they have to grow up?

I love their sailor hats! During all the performances, Gunner kept looking over at me to make sure I was watching him. He was so proud of himself. He knew all the moves and all the songs. I love that he still likes me to come watch him! 

Gunn and Mrs. Neal! She's moving up to 1st and he gets to have her again! 
Can't wait for next year!
As we were walking out of the school, Gunner tells me, with lots of enthusiasm, 
"Mom, I'm a 1st grader now!" 
If only he could stay little forever. 

Don't ask me what she's doing in this picture. Her poses never surprise me anymore. :)

After the parties, we went out to a spectacular lunch at McDonald's, then rented a movie, made popcorn and let our summer vegging begin!

Welcome Summer Vacation!