Tuesday, January 31, 2012

January Randoms

I realized I didn't upload pictures from my different camera and found all these undocumented pics. I knew if I didn't post these pics here, I'd probably never print them. So, here goes...
For one of the kids Christmas presents, Grandpa and Grandma Cook took ALL their grandkids to a movie with popcorn and a drink. They loved it!

Gunner started sleeping without his shirt and told me, "this is how real men sleep." 

Bree started putting her outfits and accessories together. Love it!

We met Mr. Orange at a Suns game. My kids were thrilled.

Just a fun iPhone shot at Sports Chalet. Love these boys.

We had a fun night at Chuck E Cheese for one of our family nights.

The new Gilbert Temple is going up. It's going to be huge! It's so exciting!!

Just in case anyone wondered, we are big ASU fans around here. We start em young!

Another family night at the Mesa Temple Visitors Center. My kids seem so small compared to this Christus statue. :)

Just a random pic of my beautiful Breezy. So love this girl!

My sweet hubs had a birthday this month. Happy Birthday babe!

Mr. Bode liked the cake.

My family 

This month Gunner played flag football. He LOVED every second of it. It turns out he's pretty good at it too. :)

That's it for the randoms. :) Until the next time!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

AZ Science Center

While the kids were on Christmas break, my sis and I took them the the AZ Science Center. We had a really good time. There were a ton of exhibits that they all loved. 

There's an All about your body section and the kids loved going through the stomach. It toots and growls as you crawl through it. The boys especially loved it!

Caleb loved the heart with the different chambers. His own personal ball pit. He loved mixing up all the oxygen molecules. 

Caleb is my milk boy. Milk does your bones good!

There was a pirates exhibit with real gold, pirate remains and old artifacts. Way cool stuff! Aargh!

Making volcano steam...

Love those cute faces.

Caleb loved the mechanical room. So much to do!

Climbing against his own body weight.

Gunner & Bree both wanted to sit on the bed of nails. I was good with taking the pictures. Looks painful!

Don't you love that she wears a dress EVERYWHERE?!?

There's a home & building section. Gunner built this all on his own. Way to go bud!

Bode was just happy to get out of the stroller.

LOVE these kids!

Cute pic of my sis Kristin with Mr. Bode.

 There's a future room where the kids can explore with computers and project different images on the big screens. It was super fun and one of the favs of the day. 

Quasimoto Gunner

Megamind Bode.

This was my favorite pic of the day. I have a little Marilyn on my hands. :)

We had a great time and are excited to go back. :)

Friday, January 20, 2012

Tough Mudder

 I'm baaaaack! Did you miss me?!? Probably not, everyone's so busy these days...I don't know if blogs are that popular anymore, but I knew I needed to update what's been going on around here. And I know in my last post, I said I was going private, which I am someday, but have decided to wait a while....I received so many thoughtful comments from so many sweet people that have followed our story, we can hold off for a bit. :)

Anyway, life is good. Crazy. Fun. Busy. Wonderful. Did I say Busy? That word alone explains where I've been the past 5 months. But, I'm going to make a comeback. just wait and see! :)

So, here's what's been happening in January. Boy oh boy, I have a lot of catch up to do! Justin entered the tough mudder race this month. He trained long and hard for a couple months beforehand. It was 12.5 miles of running and in between each half mile was a challenge. 27 obstacles in total. Whether it was climbing huge mountains of mud, hauling blocks of wood over their shoulders or jumping into pools of muddy water, he was up for the challenge. It looked really grueling and I admired him for doing this. He did a great job! Go babe!

Justin and company! His 2 brothers & bros in law did it with him. Crazy people! (Joe, Scott, T.J, my man, Ryan, Tyson, Kelly, forgot this guys name....it's been 5 months ok?) 

Lots of mud in the eyes. Ouch!

Every time I saw him he was smiling. 

They crawled underneath electrical wire that gave off painful shocks. 

 They climbed this half pipe that was at least 50 feet tall. It was great to see all the commradre of all the participants. Everyone helped each other out. 

Giving him a kiss for good luck!

 This obstacle was the monkey bars gone crazy! 

The last obstacle was the electrical shock therapy. It was no joke. Each wire had a full charge and each charge would bring a big guy to his knees! Justin wanted to finish by going "all out" and running through these full speed. I'm married to a crazy man...but still love the guy.

Go babe go!

Like I said, a crazy man! 

He finished and received the coveted "Tough Mudder" headband. Way to go babe! You are one Hot Mudder!