Tuesday, January 31, 2012

January Randoms

I realized I didn't upload pictures from my different camera and found all these undocumented pics. I knew if I didn't post these pics here, I'd probably never print them. So, here goes...
For one of the kids Christmas presents, Grandpa and Grandma Cook took ALL their grandkids to a movie with popcorn and a drink. They loved it!

Gunner started sleeping without his shirt and told me, "this is how real men sleep." 

Bree started putting her outfits and accessories together. Love it!

We met Mr. Orange at a Suns game. My kids were thrilled.

Just a fun iPhone shot at Sports Chalet. Love these boys.

We had a fun night at Chuck E Cheese for one of our family nights.

The new Gilbert Temple is going up. It's going to be huge! It's so exciting!!

Just in case anyone wondered, we are big ASU fans around here. We start em young!

Another family night at the Mesa Temple Visitors Center. My kids seem so small compared to this Christus statue. :)

Just a random pic of my beautiful Breezy. So love this girl!

My sweet hubs had a birthday this month. Happy Birthday babe!

Mr. Bode liked the cake.

My family 

This month Gunner played flag football. He LOVED every second of it. It turns out he's pretty good at it too. :)

That's it for the randoms. :) Until the next time!

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