Sunday, February 5, 2012

My baby is 1

My baby is 1. My last born. Sigh. Tear. Can't believe it. I have tried really hard to savor those little moments that pass by so quickly. Those quiet moments with just me and him. The time goes too fast these days. I feel like life is so busy and I will blink and my babies will be all grown. I guess the best thing to do is enjoy these moments while they are young. 

This boy is truly a happy little man. We celebrated his special day with family. We had cake and Bode loved every bite. I'm letting his hair grow out because I'm hoping for some curls in the back. His Daddy had lovely curls when he was a baby and I'm holding on to that little glimmer of hope that I might get one baby with curls. We'll see. Anyway, here's my favorite things about my 1 year old boy.

Loves his brothers and sister. Does the baby penguin impersonation...he'll back himself up into our legs when we are standing there and nuzzle in like a baby penguin would. It's a sight to see. Loves to play outside and yells at the door to go out. Loves to eat solids. Loves his blue blanket and adores his Daddy.  I know I say it all the time, but the kid is super happy. He's so mellow and content all the time. I'm sure I'm in for it in the future because he's been such an easy baby for his first year. Started walking at 11 months. Stopped nursing at 8 months (Mom's choice, not his. LOL!) He loves to babble and loves to take baths; which, btw, he stands and will NOT sit down. We still call him 'baby' or 'happy'. He has a gut laugh that is contagious. I love it. He also likes rides in the stroller and is great in the car. 
Dream baby, I tell you!

Happy 1st Birthday Bode. We love you and are so thankful you are in our family! 

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Melissa Bosen said...

Kari, I love those cute little "happy teeth"--that's what my pediatrician calls them. He is so stinkin cute and looks so different than what I remember Caleb and Gunner looking like!