Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Here's a bunch of stuff that happened in February that I don't want to forget. :) 

Here goes...

This boy turned one (see previous post) and I am in denial. He's growing up too fast on me. Love him and don't want to let him grow up. He is so much fun and I wish he could be a baby forever. 
Since he can't I take tons of crazy pictures so I can remember his "babyhood." This particular photoshoot was for Valentines day cards for my kids. Bode wanted in on the action as well. 

Here's the kids cards. I think they turned out pretty cute if I do say so myself. :)

For Valentine's Day, my hunny got me these beauties. I love flowers. :)

And every year the love bugs come to our house. They leave the kids silly notes and prizes to tell them they love them. They also turn our milk pink and almost every meal is red and pink. Valentine's is one of my favorite holidays!

Pink pancakes. :)

I think she liked it!

The love bugs also surprised us with pink cookies. Which Caleb was super excited for.

Later this month, I took Bree to the mall to return something after her dance class. We stopped by the Disney store to window shop and she loved seeing the characters. She's slightly obsessed with Ariel and Alice right now. 

One night Gunner made this "kingdom" of guys/dinosaurs. He was super proud of it and wanted me to take pictures before anyone came along and knocked it down. 

You can't see from the picture, but he has guys hanging off the side with string, others taped together from being in a war and so on. Nice job buddy. 

 Also this month, we found out Gunner is really allergic to the dust and pollen outside. He had a major reaction after running club one day. We had to get him the most expensive bottle of eye drops ever....$120 for a 2 oz bottle. What?!? Every time we gave him a drop of it, we'd say, "okay, I'm putting $10 in your eye!" 

But, the most important thing was, it cleared it up right away. Man, kids are expensive!

Poor kid really struggled to open his eyes. :(

Just had to throw this in there. I love pics like this. 

 This month I also discovered InstaGram. LOVE it! 

I also met Ronald McDonald. :)

Breezy had a pajama party at preschool. She wears her finest jewelry to the pajama parties. :)

This month for FHE we taught the kids the importance of keeping our house & car clean and picking up after ourselves. I don't know how long the lesson stuck in their little brains, but it was a fun night. :)

We vacuummed out the car followed by cleaning out of each kid.

Then, last but not least, I ran my first Ragnar relay. It was so fun, yet exhausting and I questioned why I was doing this several times, but after it was over, I felt great. I had a fun time getting to know all the girls in my van and doing lots of running and little sleeping. 

Our team name was Team Sparkle and we ran from Wickenburg, AZ to Tempe Town lake. Ragnar Del Sol - 200.5 miles to be exact. I was runner 9. We all had a blast. 

I'm doing another Ragnar in April in Cali...why? Because I'm just that crazy! 


The end!

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