Monday, March 19, 2012

A look at March

More random pics from the month of March!

Ever hear of cankles? Take a look...

Exactly one week after Ragnar Del Sol, I went out for a leizurely jog and twisted my ankle...bad! I heard a snap and could not walk on it after I did it. I pulled a hitch-hiker move and flagged a girl down to take me home. Luckily I wasn't too far from home. Turns out it was a bad spain and a torn ligament. Nothin' major. :) I started running on it a few weeks later. :)

I love grocery shopping with these two. They always make it interesting.

Here, we have 2 weeks of spring break. The first week we did some fun things like bounceU and saw a movie. The week after we went to Utah. I'll do a separate post for that. Too many pictures! The kids do love BounceU though!

In March, the weather is beautiful. We play outside everyday. The kids especially love the trampoline and the swings. I got some fun shots. 

Bode...Mr. Static-electricity 

Love this one of their shadows!

Remember doing this til you wanted to puke?

Gunner played spring soccer. I think these 2 pics were the only ones I took the whole season. I'm an awesome Mom, huh?!

Trying out my hand in making healthy cookies. Still same old oatmeal chocolate chip, but add some flaxseed and used agave nectar instead of some of the sugar. Not bad!

Gunner got the Terrific Kid award this month at school. So proud of you buddy!

He got a special t-shirt, recognized during lunch and an assembly and got an award for being a terrific kid! Way to go Gunner!

This month, we celebrated 13 years together. Love this guy!  We had a fun date night out and will celebrate our anniversary in a few months with a cruise. Can't wait! 

Next up...Utah trip!

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