Wednesday, July 13, 2011

remember the moments

This week has been hectic. Swim lessons every day; going to the store, grabbing lunch with a friend, naps in the car, getting the oil changed, running errands to & fro, etc. Just getting in and out of the car with 4 kids in 110 degree weather is a chore! 

Even though my week has been chaotic, I am reminded that my little ones will soon be grown up. Tonight after baths were done, prayers were said, my sweet Caleb climbed on to my lap and wanted to be rocked. Normally he doesn't sit with me that long or lay on me like he did tonight. But tonight, he just wanted some extra love and attention from his momma and I was happy to give it. He nestled his head on my chest, curled his long legs up on my lap and was very content to just sit and rock back and forth. He also gave me several slobbery kisses that I just adored. I was grateful the other 3 were playing with each other at that moment so we weren't interupted. It was a sweet moment and I hope that 10-15 years down the road I'll remember it. 

I love those moments where my children are all playing together. I can hear happy screams or giggles and I smile to myself. All mothers around the world know there are not always happy moments with children. They are most often those times you'd like to pull your hair out or send yourself to time-out to get away from it all! Or even duct tape your kids mouths shut so they can't talk back or fight with one another! (come know you've thought it!) But what I want to remember most about my life as a young mother of 4 is that I enjoyed the moments. 

I have felt for a while that I was letting time go by without recognizing what I was missing. Recently I had a sweet talk with my father in law. I asked him what advice he would give me going into the next 10 years with my family. His advice was to "make memories." Spend that quality time with my children and husband and create great memories we can look back on and be grateful we had them. 

I taught Relief Society on Sunday and the topic was families. I felt so grateful to be around such wonderful women. I was the teacher that day but it turned out that I was the one being taught. It helped me re-evaluate my calling as a mommy and be grateful for it. I felt that this life is all about QUALITY TIME spent with our families. Especially when they are so young. I guess that's why I'm writing this down I can remember to spend that quality time with my kids. Cuz, that's what it's all about!