Wednesday, June 23, 2010

May 27, 2010 = 1 year remission!

I've been meaning to do this post for nearly a month now. Life is just busy, you all know how it goes!

On May 27th of this year, a new anniversary was celebrated. 1 year in remission. I love that word. 
Little Miss Bree is still clean. 

We celebrated her day by going to the hospital and taking donuts to the patients and nurses in the Oncology unit. It's something we want to do every year. I think it'll be good for Bree to do this even when she's older so she can appreciate what she went through and remember that she is strong. I'll always want her to remember that she beat cancer!

As I reflect on this past year, my heart truly fills with gratitude. I'm so grateful to be able to have this little girl in our family. She really brings joy into our lives. I love her strong personality. She is sweet as can be one moment and then is a little rascal the next. She's a fireball and I love it. Over the past year, she's learned to walk, talk, eat normally (she basically skipped the baby food stage), and even now she's wanting to be potty trained. I'd say that's pretty good catch-up! 

She still adores baby dolls. She's a little Mommy to all of them. She's always taking care of them, taking them for a walk in her stroller or feeding them a bottle. So cute! She is a good little sister and can hold her own with her 2 big brothers. She's a Daddy's girl and has Daddy wrapped around her finger. She loves to do things with Mommy and especially loves to help me get ready. She'll pick out necklaces and bracelets for me and her to wear everyday. She's a girly girl yet she's tough....a perfect balance!

We love you little Breezy. We are so proud of you and have loved living "the normal life" with you this past year! For those that keep up with her progress, she'll be having an MRI & MIBG scan next month. I'll post results as soon as we know. 

Happy Anniversary sweet girl!

More Photoshop Fun!

Here's some random fun things I've done! I must say, I'm LOVING Photoshop! I'm starting to dream about layouts...this may become an addiction! (I guess it's a good one to have!)

The photos above were taken by Jill Rich. She's an amazing photographer! Elements above are from Shabby Princess.

All design elements above were from Shabby Princess

This is Gunner's Thank you card I made that I sent to all his friends. Papers & elements are all from Summer Driggs. Thanks Summ, you are amazing!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Last Days of School

First up was Mr. Gunner. He has taken preschool for the past 2 years from Mrs. Stacey. She is such a wonderful teacher. Gunner will miss her greatly! He had such a great time, learned so much through her class and made great friends! Thank you Mrs. Stacey!

Awww,  I love this picture! 
I can't believe Gunner will be going to Kindergarden next year. The thought makes me feel old. He's so excited to go to the "big school" and learn more. Tear. :(

Then Caleb finished 1st grade. We were able to go visit his classroom and take a few pictures. We also celebrated the end of the year with his class with a Fiesta! 

This is Caleb's teacher. Ms. Amanda. She is phenomenal at what she does. She works so hard with all the kids and truly loves what she does. That is a huge blessing in my eyes because working with special needs kids definitely calls for a person with lots of patience! She is amazing and we love her! Thank you for all you do for Caleb! 
Caleb's nickname is "monkey" because he's always climbing and jumping on people. He's definitely a mover & shaker! I dont know why I thought he would hold still for a picture! Oh well, better luck next time! 

Now, schools out & summer's in. So far, we're loving every minute!

Monday, June 7, 2010

I'm learning...FINALLY!

Over the past few months I've been learning Photoshop! I'm so excited to edit my photos in such fun ways and finally move to the world of digi scrapping! Yea me! I have to send a shout out to my sweet teacher, Miss Mindy Evans. She's a beautiful photographer, designer and Mom to 5 kids! She's amazing and I've learned so much from her! Thanks Mindy!

So, here's some of the fun things I've been working on over the past couple of months...

I'm still a beginner but I'm having lots of fun with frames, textures & putting together cards for my babies! More to come...

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Bree's new do

I'm not a hairstylist. I'm still learning how to do my Breezy's hair. But this particular morning, (May 23 to be exact) I noticed Bree's hair looked a bit longer in the back. So we tried this new do. Side piggy tails! Oh Happy Day!

Her hair is still stringy straight and wild just like her crazy fun personality. We're lovin' every moment with her!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A Grand Hike!

I think I am a little nuts. My sweet friend Collette talked me and another girlfriend of ours to hike the Grand one day! Down and back up....18 miles to be exact! I was excited to do it but didn't really know what was ahead of me! I ended up having a blast. We made great memories. And now I can say I hiked the Grand Canyon!

Since I didn't want to take my huge camera along, I took our old point & shoot camera along for the ride. Well, it's resting place is now in the Grand Canyon because it died on me the night before we went on our hike. Sad. Poor Camera. After shedding a tear, we all went in on a few disposable cameras and had a blast taking pictures of our hike. 

While we waited for the bus that would take us to the top of the trail, we saw some elk. They are so tame here. They just walk around like they own the place. It was neat to see them so close. They are massive animals!

On the bus that takes us to the top of the Bright Angel Trail. Me, Amy & Collette

Our huge group! 

We are pumped & ready to start the hike!

The switchbacks that await us...

A great photo op. The views were breath-taking. The pictures can't ever do it justice!

We had so much fun together!

Collette showing us her skills...

Oh no! 

Miss Amy crossing the bridge over the Colorado River

At long last we finished! My face shows it all. I was SO tired! We figured out we burned 4300 calories! Sweet!

Our legs and shoes were so dirty. You can't really tell but we were so caked with dirt, mud & sweat. It was disgusting and great at the same time! I had a blast and feel so good that I accomplished it! 

Princess Party!

This year Grandma & Grandpa Cook threw a big birthday bash for all the little girls birthdays. Each of the girls received an invitation to come to the "Cook Castle" and become a Princess! Bree was so excited to go because she really loves anything girly!

When we first arrived, Grandma had the table all decorated with pink. She had crowns for all the girls as well as a goody bag they could decorate with markers & stickers.

Bree liked coloring...only I didn't give her markers this time. She tends to draw all over herself! :) 

After they decorated their goody bags the princesses were able to go on a scavenger hunt. They found lots of things that were perfect for princesses like rings & candy jewelry. 

After the hunt they had pizza and then were able to get dressed up like real Princesses. Grandma had a trunk of dress up clothes saved special for her granddaughters. We told the girls to be sassy...this is what we got!

Little miss Bree was so excited to wear her Belle dress again. She loves being a "Pincess" as she says!

Grandma decorated their nails & toes and they all felt like royalty!

Then they decorated cupcakes while looking beautiful.

The cupcakes were Bree's favorite part!

After cupcakes they all got in the bathtub to get sparkly clean! Love these types of pictures! What beautiful little princesses!

I kinda have a favorite:

After their bath, they got to practice a dance for grandpa in their dance costumes.

Don't you love these eyes?

Last of all Grandma & Grandpa gave the girls matching princess pajamas. Thanks for a wonderful party Grandma & Grandpa Cook! Breezy had a GREAT time!