Thursday, June 10, 2010

Last Days of School

First up was Mr. Gunner. He has taken preschool for the past 2 years from Mrs. Stacey. She is such a wonderful teacher. Gunner will miss her greatly! He had such a great time, learned so much through her class and made great friends! Thank you Mrs. Stacey!

Awww,  I love this picture! 
I can't believe Gunner will be going to Kindergarden next year. The thought makes me feel old. He's so excited to go to the "big school" and learn more. Tear. :(

Then Caleb finished 1st grade. We were able to go visit his classroom and take a few pictures. We also celebrated the end of the year with his class with a Fiesta! 

This is Caleb's teacher. Ms. Amanda. She is phenomenal at what she does. She works so hard with all the kids and truly loves what she does. That is a huge blessing in my eyes because working with special needs kids definitely calls for a person with lots of patience! She is amazing and we love her! Thank you for all you do for Caleb! 
Caleb's nickname is "monkey" because he's always climbing and jumping on people. He's definitely a mover & shaker! I dont know why I thought he would hold still for a picture! Oh well, better luck next time! 

Now, schools out & summer's in. So far, we're loving every minute!

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Wendi and Eric said...

Wow, your kids are growing up fast! Have a fun summer.