Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Princess Party!

This year Grandma & Grandpa Cook threw a big birthday bash for all the little girls birthdays. Each of the girls received an invitation to come to the "Cook Castle" and become a Princess! Bree was so excited to go because she really loves anything girly!

When we first arrived, Grandma had the table all decorated with pink. She had crowns for all the girls as well as a goody bag they could decorate with markers & stickers.

Bree liked coloring...only I didn't give her markers this time. She tends to draw all over herself! :) 

After they decorated their goody bags the princesses were able to go on a scavenger hunt. They found lots of things that were perfect for princesses like rings & candy jewelry. 

After the hunt they had pizza and then were able to get dressed up like real Princesses. Grandma had a trunk of dress up clothes saved special for her granddaughters. We told the girls to be sassy...this is what we got!

Little miss Bree was so excited to wear her Belle dress again. She loves being a "Pincess" as she says!

Grandma decorated their nails & toes and they all felt like royalty!

Then they decorated cupcakes while looking beautiful.

The cupcakes were Bree's favorite part!

After cupcakes they all got in the bathtub to get sparkly clean! Love these types of pictures! What beautiful little princesses!

I kinda have a favorite:

After their bath, they got to practice a dance for grandpa in their dance costumes.

Don't you love these eyes?

Last of all Grandma & Grandpa gave the girls matching princess pajamas. Thanks for a wonderful party Grandma & Grandpa Cook! Breezy had a GREAT time!

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Tina said...

How awesome is that!!! How fun and what terrific grandparents those special little girls have!!!