Saturday, May 15, 2010

Another year older...

I can't believe that Gunner is 5. The time is going by too fast. How can I stop my kids from growing up? I guess I just have to live in the moment and be grateful for this time with them while they are little. It just goes by too fast..Sigh...Okay, on to the goods of Gunner's special day.

When he woke up, the first thing he said was "I'm FIVE! Mom, Dad, I'm FIVE now!" He was so completely excited to be 5 and have his party. Oh, to be a five year old again! Cute boy. 

Here's the dreaded "right when you wake up I have to take a picture of you" picture! Hopefully when I do this to him when he's 15 he'll still smile for me!

For his special breakfast he wanted waffles with syrup & whip cream. He is definitely my child. I would eat pancakes & waffles any time of the day for every meal if I could. So good! Okay, back to my 5 year old:

Gunner is completely enamored with guys, superheroes, good vs bad, etc. So for his 5th birthday party we had a "Superhero" party. I made these capes for the boys that came to the party. They were super simple (felt & glue! Simple is my middle name!)

The "Superman" cake complete with "guys" on top. I did this last year and now it's becoming a tradition. Kinda fun!

Getting set to party!

For the party this year we had all the boys gather together & told them they were going to be instructed on how to become a superhero. So, they had to go through Superhero training! My cute hubby put the whole obstacle course together. They had to "fly" like a superhero (on the swings), "punch" bad guys in the face, "stomp & kick" the bad guys (do a Ninja move on the trampoline) and then yell like the Incredible Hulk! It was fun to see them all do it! 

Here's a movie of Gunner running through the obstacle course before his friends got there:

Here's the boys getting set before they go through their training:

Waiting in line to complete the course:

Gunner's Hulk pose:

Super hero yell:

Even Caleb got in on the action! Go Caleb!

Once they completed the course, they received their swords and capes. They were all so excited to be super-heroes now!

He loved being sung to by all his friends. He couldn't wait to blow out the candles. 

It was a great party. We love you Gunner boy! Happy #5!!


Steph said...

So cute! Sounds like a fun party! We did a training obstacle course like that a couple of years ago for Carter's spy party to they could train to be spies. They loved it! Boys are so funny!

Kelly said...

Ryker LOVED the party! And LOVES his cape and sword!! You are amazing! Great ideas!

the bates motel said...

you threw such a cute party! carter had so much fun! and your capes were super cute! good job :). love the super hero training.

Scott+Tiffany said...

What a cute idea! Gunner did great at the obstacle course, and the capes are darling. Now I know who to call next time I host a party : ) Happy birthday Gunner!

The Driggs said...

Okay, that video is hilarious! I love the excitement in Justin's voice as he described how to do all the steps. And I love that there were villains from all sorts of stories. Gunner is adorable and very tough! I think I'll need to steal this idea for Brock. As glad as I am that he loves trains, Cory would like his only son to be more tough and this might just do the trick!

Travis and Marie said...

love the cape idea- I may copy for my soon to be 4 yr. old in July...he would love it! What cute kids you have!