Monday, May 10, 2010

April in pictures

A few days after we got home from Kauai, Caleb was scheduled to have his tonsils and adenoids removed. He has had so many ear infections, sinus infections and sore throats that it was overdue to have this done. He was also breathing very heavily at night so the doctor advised that removing both tonsils and adenoids would help his breathing patterns. He did so great with the surgery and was such a trooper through it all. Isnt he the cutest sleeper?
It was a looooonnnngggg 2 week recovery for him because he needed to have IV fluids twice. He wouldn't drink anything and hardly ate food for nearly 14 days. He lost 3 pounds! Ugh! It was agonizing to watch him go through this, but now that it's over, it was all worth it. He is breathing so much better at night and has not had any sign of sickness since! It's still early, but I can tell this winter will bring fewer colds & infections for him.

Next up are the Easter festivities. 
We dyed some eggs with cousins and friends and had a great time! I think my boys didn't care much for the decorating eggs part, but at least they had fun! 

I love Caleb's "lost tooth" smile!

Breezy & Grandma

Easter Sunday brought lots of fun egg hunting! Sweet Breezy, sporting her wild hair as usual!

Gunner showing me his loot! Note to the Easter bunny for next year: Don't bring so much candy! My kids will have no teeth left!

Happy Caleb!

Lil miss Bree has been enjoying the springtime. She is definitely a nature girl. If at any moment the back door opens, she runs as fast as she can to get outside. She loves playing in her house. She even likes to eat lunch in her house and puts her babies to sleep there. What a little Mommy!

This month Gunner finished soccer. Team Superhero's did so great! Gunner really worked hard on his defense skills. He was awesome to watch! Go Gunner Go!

Breezy is taking care of the other girls on the sidelines by passing out snacks to everyone. What a good little helper. :)

One of the weekends in April we headed to my Aunt & Uncle's house for a Lake party! We do this every year as part of our Easter tradition. It's fun to cook hot dogs in the fire, waterski and just spend time together as a family. Thanks so much Aunt Jane & Uncle Dave!

Here's my Aunt showing off her mad skills! She's a grandma of 5 & she's still got it!

Caleb loved sitting by the water. It was perfect weather!

This year even the kiddos got to waterski! Gunner did great and even tried doing some jumps & turns. Go boy!

Caleb did it too! Go Caleb!

Breezy wanted nothing to do with the waterski. She would barely sit on it for a picture. Maybe next year!

High Flying Caleb!

This little princess house suited Bree's needs perfectly! Instant happiness!

This month I also started my first official garden. I've always wanted to have a garden but it always seemed like so much work. Last summer I learned about the square foot garden system and as I learned more about it, I found out it was pretty easy! I built the frame & planted everything myself! We have tomatoes, yellow squash, zucchini & eggplant. It's fun to watch everything grow!

As I was planting the garden, these two were playing "house" together. Gunner was the Dad and Bree was the baby. I love how Gunner is holding Bree's face in his hands! What a sweet Dad!

This month Bree also discovered markers! Oh joy! It seems her body is the best canvas on which to express her talents! Love her face in this one! Little miss innocent!

I couldn't help but laugh at her body art...just as long as she doesn't ever make it permanent!

Another neat thing that happened this month was the Young Women from our old ward had made these dolls as a project for a child that had or has a life threatening illness. They thought of little Bree and we were so honored. The girls came over one night and I told them about Bree's battle with cancer. They were all so sweet. The dolls were beautiful. They turned out so cute and Breezy adores them! Thank you YW of Greenfield 1st!

Another exciting event at our house this month was bees! We had a beehive! What?!? Whoa! Yes, a beehive! I had no idea this was going on in our backyard when one morning Gunner runs inside and says "Mom, we have some bees in the backyard!" Sure enough, Justin goes out and tells me we have a massive hive in our tree! 

It was the size of a basketball! Those were some crazy busy bees!

Unfortunately for the bees, they had to be killed! I'm not taking any chances with these guys! So, we called in the exterminator! It was the highlight of Gunn's day!

Then at the end of the month, I got enough courage to try trapeze swinging again! When I did it the first time, a lot of friends and family said "if you ever do it again, I want to try it too!" So, thanks to my friend Monique, we did it again! And since I had done it before (only a few months previous) I got to try a new trick! This is the "split" pose:

We had a fun group! From left to right: Kristin (my sis), Shanon, me, Monique & Summer! 


And now you can jump for joy that this post is done! Yippee!!


Whitny said...

SO fantastic. Love the pictures. The Bees the kids the splits, skiing. Just chock filled with fun and entertainment. 2 thumbs up

The Driggs said...

What a fun (and not so fun) April! So sorry about Caleb and his tonsils and adenoids getting removed. I am so glad he's doing better! Love the water skiing pics and that Jane has still got it. Way to go on planting a garden! And UGH to the bees...there was a huge swarm of them that flew right over our house and continued on. I grabbed Claire and ran inside...I can't imagine having them actually park it in my own backyard! And obviously I had a blast doing the trapeze with you. It was so fun to watch you try new are a superstar!

Chelsey said...

1. Oh the lake house. What memories.
2. Disgusting bees. I might throw up.
3. fun trapeze date with some lovely ladies.
4. miss you.

Jennifer Blattner said...

Hi Kari! Great pics!!
Just had to tell you that we had the same thing of bees last week in our tree!!! BUT! If it happens again, don't call a bug guy! I called Amy who had their Bee guy call me. Luckily, bees don't make hives in trees, they just rest. He said if they are there longer than 24 hours call and they'd come out. I noticed ours at 11 in the morning and by 8 at night, they were gone! They build hives in nooks of houses, so if you get them in the house, that's when to call.
Sorry, I rambled!
Fun blog!! :)