Sunday, May 2, 2010

Kauai Wrap Up

Since it's been forever and a day that I've updated my blog, I thought I'd post my favorite pictures from our Kauai trip so I could move on to the fun posts about my kids and all that we've been up to.

So, on Thursday of our trip, we went on a kayak trip down the Wailua river. It was the first time I had ever been kayaking. It was really fun and more of a work-out than I thought! 

The morning that we started it was really cold (since it had been raining like crazy the whole week we were there!) so the guides let my sis Kenna and I borrow some jackets to keep warm. Kenn looks so cute in hers!

Isn't the view beautiful!? I love the green mountains!

Our expedition ended at a small dock where we left our kayaks and hiked in-land to Secret Falls. The hike was beautiful...lush trees & vines everywhere! I felt like I was in the show "LOST!" (Except we had a guide and we didn't crash on a plane. hehehe)

I had Justin pose to show the massive tree trunks. Can you tell he's so amused??

This mass of vines behind us is called "the Green Room." It's a HUGE wall of vines that goes on and on. It was breath-taking. I love natural beauty like this!

We had to cross over this river to get to Secret Falls. I was grateful for this tiny rope to help us cross. The current was surprisingly strong!

At last we arrived at the waterfall. It was gorgeous! 

We swam in it and stood underneath it. It felt like needles hitting my shoulders & back, but I couldn't pass up the opportunity to live it up! I can check "swimming under a waterfall" off my bucket list!

The next day we took a catamaran tour as a family. It was a lot of fun. We saw breeching whales & spinner dolphins came right up to the boat and did tricks for us. It was one of those times I wished my kids there because they would have loved it. 

But I did have my hunny there to cuddle with! 

This was the breeching whale. We actually saw several sets of whales. I've never seen one so this was exciting for me! 

I was so happy to get these next shots!

Love the white tips!

Here's the dolphins. The more we clapped and cheered for them, the more would come up to the boat. There were tons of them! 

Let's play the game I played with my kids when I showed them these pictures. How many dolphins can you count? Look carefully!

On our way back to shore we happened to see another whale slapping the water as if he or she was calling to another whale. It was slapping so fast that the pictures turned out a little blurry. Still, so glad to get the pics!

The last day of our trip was the sunniest. Of course! We enjoyed going to the beach and did one last trip to Kipu falls to swing on the rope swing. It was a fabulous get away! 


Jessica said...

Oh my gosh! Those are all breathtaking. You guys always look so happy together - love it!

Sommer said...

Awesome Kari! Glad you two got to spend time together without the kiddies.

the bates motel said...

how pretty is that dolphin pic! and so cool to see those whales! so glad you guys got to get away! i hope we get to do that sooner than later :)!

Lisa said...

Absolutely gorgeous!! We got to go to Kauai a few years ago, and it was by far my favorite vacation ever!