Wednesday, February 24, 2010

news on Breezy

At Bree's latest check-up with her oncologists they told us that everything is looking fabulous. Typically, it would have been this month that she would have needed another MRI & bonescan. So far she has had no sign of cancer cells in blood work or urine samples so they told us that we can wait until June to have further scans. She will now be on a new schedule of seeing her doctors every 2 months for check-ups and every 6 months for scans. Yipppeeee! I was so excited, I wanted to spread the news! Yeaaaa for Breezy!!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Flying High...

...on a trapeze! A few weeks ago my sweet friend Monique had the idea to take trapeze lessons for her birthday. What a great idea! We had a blast! At first it was REALLY scary climbing up the ladder and being so HIGH off the ground! I kept thinking, "that tiny bar is supposed to support me how???" It might not look that high, but it was!! Once I conquered my initial fear of heights, it was a BLAST! Thanks Monique for a fun day!! Justin came to support me in case it was the last time he saw me alive (or to be my photographer) :) ha ha ha. It was actually completely safe.

Here we are ready to perform!

A few action shots:

This is called a "knee hang." We did this move a few times to prepare for our "catch."

After we practiced a few times and felt a little more comfortable with what we were doing (not that I knew what I was doing in the slightest) we got ready for our "catch." The idea is to grab the arms of the other guy swinging from the opposite bar.  I was fortunate enough to get it on my first try. I think it was mostly luck!

This was the best part of the lesson! 

Here's the video of the catch. (I dont know why it won't show up, so I'm posting the link.) Hopefully it works!

After we completed our lesson, we were given diplomas for our hard work and dedication to the art of trapeze! Actually, they gave us the diplomas to celebrate our first "catch"! Yay, go us!!!

We were so excited we lived through it! Thanks Monique for a great day! Can't wait for our next adventure!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Happy Love Weekend!


Hope yours has lots of smooches!!!