Thursday, June 3, 2010

Bree's new do

I'm not a hairstylist. I'm still learning how to do my Breezy's hair. But this particular morning, (May 23 to be exact) I noticed Bree's hair looked a bit longer in the back. So we tried this new do. Side piggy tails! Oh Happy Day!

Her hair is still stringy straight and wild just like her crazy fun personality. We're lovin' every moment with her!


Tina said...

She is adorable!!! Love the hair!!! I had a sister who didn't have that much when she was 3!! xox

dustin and amy said...

She's such a cutie patutie! I love her hair, isn't is so fun when it gets long enough that you can play with fun hair-do's.

The Driggs said...

So so so cute!!! I love Bree's hair and it's so fun that you can do more stuff with it! Claire has an issue that whenever she sleeps, she wakes up with a rats nest and it is sticking up everywhere. So, if we ever go in public after she takes a nap, I always have to get her hair wet and brush through it again...even if I already did it that morning!