Thursday, June 23, 2011

Still in the clear...

Breezy had her tests again on June 21 & 22nd. She's still cancer & tumor free. We couldn't be happier. And neither could she! 
 Like the hair? I curled her hair for church one day and without hair-spraying, it turned out like this.  Kinda reminds me of an old-fashioned hairstyle? You? 

Ah, what to do with the hair!? I get asked on a consistent basis if I crimp her hair. And the answer is "nope" The hair does what the hair wants. 

I took this pic moments before they took her away to put her to sleep for a couple of hours. Notice the medical bracelet taped to her shoulder? She wouldn't wear it on her wrist because it "not pretty nuf Mom!" Apparently the hospital needs to put a little more bling on their medical bracelets to meet Bree's approval.

All is well, she's still kicking cancer's trash. We are forever grateful. Some other good news is that she'll get a year off from doing any more scans. We'll still monitor her bloodwork every few months but other than that, she's doing great! 
Go Breezy! 


Kathryn said...

Such good news, and so happy for you guys! She is so dang cute!

Mandi said...

Yeah!!! So happy for her, and you guys. Love the hospital bracelet taped to her. too cute. They do need to make them a little prettier. :) She's a beautiful girl. Love the hair.

Steph said...

Always so happy to hear this good news!

Your kids just keep growing and growing. . . they are so cute!

We miss you guys. . . I don't miss looking at houses, but we had gotten used to seeing Justin every few weeks, at least!

Melissa Bosen said...

Whew, that's good news, Kari & Justin. Bree is always in my thoughts and prayers. Man, she's been through so much. I'm glad that she has you two for parents.