Monday, June 6, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend

We headed up to the cabin for some cool weather, work and good times with family. The kids all had a blast with each other. It's crazy how I'd barely see my kids when we're up there because they were all playing with cousins, building tree forts and they're exhausted each night. LOVE it!

Caleb loved hanging out with his older cousins and wanted to be where ever they were.  

He also had fun exploring around the cabin. Can you find him?

Love his million dollar smile!

Gunner was in heaven. There weren't enough hours in the day for the fun he had planned. He adores all his cousins!

Bree LOVED hanging out with the girls and doing more calming activities like painting or sleeping. :)

She also found out that the porch swing is pretty fun too. :)

Bode liked being held or rocked to sleep and also enjoyed eating every 2-3 hours. The boy is a tank. The life of a 4 month old is tough. Eat. Sleep. Poop. Repeat.

This pic of him is my latest fav!

He sure adores his Grandma!

Justin loved the gourmet hot dogs that his parents brought up. They were massive!

I enjoyed taking pictures of everyone and capturing fun moments. 
My sis in law Alisa is so gorgeous!

Sweet Livi found the best spot around!  

Alisa always loves playing pranks and brought in a crawdad from the stream. She just wanted to show it to her mom. I guess Mom isn't a fan. 

Cute boys

Yummy food

Great company!

Happy Memorial Day! 


Mandi said...

What a fun weekend. The cabin looks like a fun time. Glad you guys could get away!!! Bode is getting so big and so handsome. :)

Nuestra Familia said...

Great pictures of everyone. Looks like the best time. So nice to go up to cooler weather:) Bode pictures are so adorable, he is so handsome!

Melissa Bosen said...

Oh my goodness, how I love that picture of Bode! What a cutie pie!
See you Saturday (I hope)!