Saturday, October 1, 2011

the rest of September

Soccer season started again. I love all these friends playing together. Their team name keeps changing from the Fire Bolts to the Sharks to the Lightning Bolts. So, for now we are calling them the Fire-Lightning Bolts. Whatever they're called, they're stinking cute and really good soccer players. :)

Caleb loves to watch the games and he loves to clap whenever they score a goal. He's my spectator buddy. Love that smile!
One quick note about this was the last one taken of Caleb's smile before he lost 4 teeth...more on that later.

Mr. Bodster likes to watch the games too. As long as I bring an ample amount of Cheerios to keep him fed. This kid can EAT! Finally, a Cookie kid that likes food! Yay!

Unfortunately, this month also brought some sickness. Every kid of mine came down with a nasty cough. Bode got his first introduction of breathing treatments. He did okay with them, but didn't like the mask on his face for too long. He's still stinkin' cute though, right?!

I had to throw this picture in because all my boys wore this same "Pete's Fish & Chips" shirt when they were all about 6-9 months. Pete's has a special place in my Hubbs heart. If you know Mesa, than you know what I mean. 

Then, on the 28th, I turned old again. Don't ask my age. Let's just say I'm sticking with "29" for the next several years. The kids had a half day at school so we headed to BounceU for some fun before the big party that night. Funny thing is I didn't get any pictures of them bouncing. Ah well!

The boys love air hockey


Caleb lost a tooth somewhere in one of the bouncy houses. What a gap! By the way, this is typical Caleb-fashion for loosing teeth. We have yet to find any of his lost teeth! He either swallows them or spits them out. And we can't ever find them! Tune in to the next post for more info on Caleb's teeth!

The kids all wanted to do the hurricane simulator. It blows air at you really fast for about 90 seconds. In my opinion, it's a waste of $2 but at least they got to experience a hurricane. ha ha.

That face is too cute...please don't be a boxer when you grow up...

That night we celebrated my being born into the world. I always like to celebrate as much as I can. A separate dinner date with Justin, a girls night out and dinner with family & the kiddos. It's always good to stretch it out and milk it for as long as you can! 

Breezy & Corinne. I love how well they play together. They get along like sisters. Half the time fighting over toys, the other half playing like best friends. Can't wait to watch the two of these girls grow up together.

I love how Caleb blows out candles. All the air comes out his nose. :)

It was a great birthday. I was showered with gifts by my sweet hubby and family & friends. Can I start counting birthdays backwards now? 

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