Saturday, September 10, 2011

Labor Day Weekend

Every year for Labor Day, we take off to the cabin to enjoy the nice weather & beauty that surrounds us in Greer, AZ. 

When we first arrived, both Justin and I were amazed to see how green everything was. 
With all the fires that had gone through this area this past summer, we weren't expecting this, but it was a nice surprise!

Another tradition we do every year when we come up here is work. Everyone was busy trimming trees, mowing the forest & picking weeds. 
We couldn't complain, really. Compared to the 105+ degree weather back home, we were loving being outside...even if it was working!

Hands off ladies, this man belongs to me!

Gunner can barely contain his excitement to go rake the weeds. 

This is the beloved cabin in Greer. My sweet father in law built this whole thing from the ground up. Isn't it beautiful!?

I love that it's in the center of the forest. 

Taking a break. Daddy & his boy! Bode looks so much like Justin did when he was a baby. Such a pretty boy! 

After the outside work was done, I went on a walk with Caleb & Bree. We found some pretty flowers and brought them back to share with everyone. I'm teaching Caleb, at his young age, that it doesn't hurt to bring flowers home, even if you didn't do anything wrong. :)

Bree especially loved the daisies. She kept telling me, "we need MORE flowers Mommy!"

I'm in L-O-V-E with this one!

I found these two hanging out a lot. Gunner & Gage are nearly 2 years apart, but they play so well together. And in typical cabin fashion, I hardly saw Gunner when his cousins were there. I did hear a lot of giggling, squealing and games being played. Music to my mommy ears.

At one point, Bode had at least 7 kids surrounding him. They were playing peek-a-boo with him. He was really enjoying it until some little girl in pink kept flying her legs in front of everyone to get some attention. Sheesh!

Koby was such a sweet cousin to Caleb the whole weekend. He spent lots of time with him and Caleb loved it! Eating chips & swinging in the hammock! What a life!

If I can't get a decent family picture done before the holidays, this one might have to suffice. Aren't the wild flowers awesome!?!

Little diva!

A tradition up at the cabin is catching crawdads in the creek and then cooking them up. I dont really get it, but it's all in good fun. The things kind of creep me out. They look like gigantic roaches. Yuck.
Nonetheless, Gunner took part in the fun. He ate the crawdad once it was cooked. Way to go buddy!

We stopped by Greer lakes on our way home. It was so hard to leave. The weather was PERFECT! 

Justin has some mad rock throwing skills! Perfect form. Way to go hunny. 

Somebody needs a haircut. :)

It was a great weekend. We had a blast. Until the next time...


anne.cook said...

Thanks for posting these pictures. We are sad we weren't there this year to enjoy the cabin memories.

Melissa Bosen said...

Wow, that cabin is amazing! You guys are so lucky to have that escape!