Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Eves

This year we celebrated Christmas Eve Eve with Justin's family and Christmas Eve with mine. 

For Christmas Eve Eve, we celebrated with dinner then did the nativity scene and talents. Isn't Breezy a super cute angel? Love this girl.

The chaos of getting ready...

Love these kids. So glad they are all close cousins.

Next came time to open presents...

I love Annalise's present. 

Lots of random family shots...

Grandma Steverson (Gam La Mor) is always so sweet to give all the grandkids treats and money. She is an amazing woman that shops around all the Goodwill stores and finds the BEST things! She has clothed all the grandkids and she's 92! We love you Gam la Mor!

Next up was my family's night to celebrate Christmas Eve. Once again, did the dinner thing, opened presents, talked about the real meaning of Christmas, decorated cookies for Santa and opened presents. Here's a few of my favs.

Hopefully, this post didn't put you to sleep! (Yep, I'm gonna be in trouble for this one...hehehe)

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Kelly said...

And I love the Last pic in this post!!! LOL!!! I have a few of these pics of Travis too. :)