Monday, May 12, 2008

Gunner's Preschool Graduation & Birthday Bash!

Okay, I am trying to get updated here. So, I'm combining his graduation from preschool and birthday video together in one post!

On May 1st, Gunner finished his playschool (pre-preschool). He has loved every bit of going to his "class." He traveled every tuesday and thursday to Mesa (with his buddy Will) and had such a great time. Miss Kristen always had adorable crafts for them to do and they learned cute songs and most importantly learned to make friends and get ready for preschool. Here's a few pictures.
Aren't these grad hats cute? She made them out of paper plates & bowls! So crafty!

A quick pose with Mom!

Gunner and his good buddy Josh.

Gunner and Will - great buds!

Miss Kristen is reading some of Gunner's great qualities he learned in class. Thank you Kristen for a wonderful year. Gunner loved every moment!

Last Saturday Gunner finally got to have his party. We've had his Elmo pinata for weeks and he has begged and begged to break it open and eat his candy so the day finally arrived!! He had a lot of his buddies come over along with lots of family and we had his ELMO party. Elmo cake, Elmo pinata, Elmo everything! (And I put this video together myself. I was so excited because I did it using my new Mac. It's an imovie! Yea me, I dont feel quite so computer stupid today!) Happy Birthday Gunner! We love you buddy!


the bates motel said...

cute pre-preschool grad. and good job on the pic vid. it's nice when you know what your doing on the comp. we had fun today too! we'll have to do it again for sure! the kids totally took a 2 1/2-3 hr nap after, so yeahhhh!

Family Journal said...

Mrs Kristen is still Noahs favorite teacher by far. I think she is a God Sent! And it is funny, but she really doesn't get what a big blessing she is to all our kids, and to all the moms. I am so glad you guys got in her class. It is such a hot ticket!

Allyson said...

Hi Kari,

My name is Allyson and I'm Porters sister. I just noticed on your list of friends you have Dennon and Stephanie. Dennon is an old friend of mine and I'd love to be able to check out their blog. Could you please e-mail the info to be able to get on. You can check with them first of course, or you could just tell Dennon to go to my blog and or e-mail me. We've lost touch, and I'd just love to catch up with them. Thanks so much. Sorry to write in your comments, I know that's wierd. Anyway, my e-mail is:, and my blog is

Thanks again.

Mia said...

I want to see pictures of your hair!!!!

Dance Mama said...

LOVE the hats! How clever!!!

Melody B. said...

Those grad hats are TOO cute! Love the idea for the cupcake cake! You do it?

Kari & Justin said...

Yeah, I wish I did the cupcake cake. No, I'm not that talented! That's all Sam's club baby!