Monday, May 12, 2008

Boys Trip!

Two weeks ago it was Fathers and Sons for our ward so Justin took Gunner to camp in the mountains. (Caleb wasn't feeling so well, so he had to stay home with me and Bree...maybe next time buddy!) Gunner had a great time being with Daddy. He was so excited to sleep in the tent and run around outdoors! They had a great time!

My boys are so darn cute! They had tons of fun together. Let's hear it for the boys!! 


Melody B. said...

I loved that song (Let's hear for the boys" should put it on the blog!). I am amazed that Jsutin took must have given him strict blogger instructions "think in blog posts honey!":P

Alisa Larson said...

What a good Daddy Justin is! I'm sure it was so much fun for Gunner and good memories for both of them. Hopefully Caleb can make it next year!