Thursday, April 24, 2008

Sweet hour of poop?

Today was an insane day! What better way to vent by blogging! After spending 6 hours running kids around in the car, nursing, cleaning and changing countless diapers I can finally sit down! I had a funny experience today that I thought some of you Moms out there might get a kick out of so here goes...(and sorry, no pictures, but the story worth a read!)

For anyone who knows, the hours of 4-7pm are the hardest times of the day. The kids are cranky, I'm frantically trying to get dinner on the table and the house somewhat picked up from the day. Well, my chaos started exactly at 4pm! Let me paint a picture for you. I still have all three kids in diapers. Caleb is working on a potty training schedule but we haven't got it down yet (communication barriers), Gunner is coming along and Bree, well, she poops like 8-10 times a day.

DISCLAIMER: The rest of this post is intended for people with strong stomachs!

So, 4pm hits, Bree wakes up from her nap early, and starts crying. I'm making dinner and the boys are playing in the backyard. Then, the sprinklers go off and the boys run through them and get soaked! Of course, they kept their clothes on so I had to strip them down, dry them off and put new diapers and clothes on them. They had fun at least! I go back to making dinner and try calming my crying baby. I usher the boys outside. A few minutes goes by and I notice Caleb had pooped so I change his diaper (again) and meanwhile Bree is screaming. I put her in the baby swing and she calms down for a minute or two so I continue making dinner. A few minutes goes by again, and now, my boys are fighting with each other. I play referee and put both kids in time out. I go back to dinner. Bree starts screaming and I tell the boys they are allowed to come out of time out if they will be nice brothers. Gunner comes out and starts reading Bree a book to calm her down (nice brother behavior at its best!) and Caleb doesn't come out. I dont think much of it. Another few minutes goes by and its very quiet in the bathroom so I go check on him and as I open the door, I smell poop...again! I find Caleb naked, clothes tossed to and fro with poop squished into the floor. As I take another step in, I step in a puddle of urine! Oh the joys of motherhood! So, I take a deep breath, get Caleb cleaned up, dressed again and start cleaning up the bathroom. I come back to my dinner after thoroughly washing my hands. Meanwhile, Bree is screaming the chin quivering scream and Gunner ran off to a corner. Doing what, you ask? Pooping, of course! He comes back and runs up to me and says "Mommy, I found poop!" He had picked poop out of his diaper! Of course right!? So, now I clean up Gunner's hands, change his diaper, wash my hands, finish dinner and nurse Bree. I end my fabulous hour of chaos with changing Bree's diaper which, of course, was poopy!

Next time if anyone tells me being a stay at home mother is not work, I just might have to punch them out!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Random Thoughts!

Alright, it's been quite a while since I posted anything new. Not a lot has been going on so I thought I'd just post a few random pictures of the fun things we've been doing around here! I'm still trying to get adjusted to this "three kid" life!

Bree is so fun to take pictures with. One day I put her in our huge bean bag chair and she fit so perfect I had to snap a few pics. She was really comfy in there. I think it reminded her of the womb!

Good thing I didn't dress her in brown that day, I would have lost her!

Another day Gunner was needing some extra attention, so we made cookies together. You can't see it but in this picture he is wearing a "Oscar the Grouch" t-shirt so I told him to be the "Cookie monster" and grab the cookies! Believe me, that day, his shirt CERTAINLY suited his attitude...grouchy! Oh well, cookies made him all better!

This is one of my most favorite things to see. My boys playing together and being BOYS! I love seeing them jump, play ball, and just enjoy being together as brothers. They love their trampoline!!

Ah, and, we took Bree to church for the first time last week. She made her debut in her cute red dress with matching shoes and hair bow. I REALLY love dressing this little girl up. It's so fun!

Her hair bow was made by a friend of mine, Alicia. She is starting a website with cute hair bows and bracelets. If anyone wants her info, you can leave a comment or email me and I'll pass it on to her. Thanks Alicia. I love her bows!!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

3 Favorite Things!!!

After a long hard day of running errands, cleaning the house, taking care of 2 rambunctuous boys and a newborn, these are by far my 3 favorite things!!!

3 sleeping kids = 1 HAPPY MOMMY! (Gunner took this picture today, he's becoming quite the professional photographer!)

I also had to include Justin's 3 favorites. Look closely at this picture. Can you guess his favorites? #1, his sweet baby girl Bree (of course) #2, his HUGE bean bag chair, and #3, his remote control!! That's a guy for ya! Love ya babe!

Gunner's take on nursing...

Since I've been nursing Bree, Gunner has come over a few times and observed the situation. The first few times, he just kind of stared and walked away but the other day he asked me about it. I told him that the baby drinks milk from Mommy. He seemed to be satisified with this so he went about his day. Later on, Bree started to cry and he quickly runs up to me and says, "Mommy, Mommy, baby Bree is crying, she needs to eat the boobie! Hurry, give her the boobie!!" Ah, how I love 2 year olds!