Monday, July 2, 2007

For the Grandparents

I put this video together late last night. This is for Caleb & Gunner's grandparents who wanted to see them during their swim lessons. Enjoy!


The Driggs said...

Awesome job boys! They did so great and are so brave! I am seeing future sharks in the family.

TucsonDevil said...

This is Eric Buckley (Cory's Bro-in-law, married to Jaimee). I am impressed with your boys. My two 'brave' men kick and scream to avoid the water... sadly, during swimming lessons. I plan to show them this video, hoping to inspire greatness in them.

Dance Mama said...

You are so creative and amazing at blogging! Your kids are adorable! Thanks for sharing!

Alisa & Joe Larson said...

Way to go Caleb and Gunner! Now I need to be brave enough to put Annalise in swim lessons! Kari - you are so talented, I hope some day you can help me start "blogging"! Love you!