Monday, August 27, 2007

My little man Gunner

It seems I've only blogged a few times about my little Gunner boy so I wanted to take a moment to brag on him. He really is the sweetest boy that has a kind heart and I adore him so!

He's been my little buddy since Caleb started Kindergarten. He is so fun to be with all day. He loves to help me around the house and we always have to stop at least once a day to play legos, farm or trucks.

Even though he's only 2, he acts much older sometimes. But then reality hits me when he has his cute tantrums and fits. I call them cute because sometimes I can't help but smile at him as he kicks the walls and flops on the floor for attention. :)

Here's a few things I love about him:
- When he wakes up in the morning (or the middle of the night) he always greets me with "hi mom, I wake up! You sleep good?"
- When we go down the stairs we have to jump at each landing. His cue is "C'mon Mom, Jump!"
- He's constantly singing his ABC's. He loves to say them and watch me do the signs. He even tries to do the signs too. It's too cute!
- He'll go up to a perfect stranger and give them a hug, just because that's what his big brother would do. That melts my heart.
- He wants me or Justin to "eat him." It's a fun tickle game we like to play. But he always giggles with delight. So fun!

Here's to my Gunner boy. I love you buddy!

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brownymama said...

Gunner is such a sweetie. It's true! I was listening in on you two doing your jumping game at the cabin. So cute! Love you guys!