Monday, July 28, 2008

Beatin' the Heat!

A few weeks ago we went to Espee Spray park in Chandler with my sis and brother in law, Joe & Alisa, and we all had a blast! Even though its a small splash park, it was still fun!

This was a big water tank that unloaded its water every couple of minutes. Caleb wasn't too sure at the beginning but he was really liking it after a while!

Bree even got in on the action. She is just so mellow and goes with the flow all the time. That's why I call her my Easy Breezy!

All the kids had a lot of fun together!

And this is my beautiful SIL, Alisa. Isn't she supermodel gorgeous!?
This is my favorite picture! We accomplished our goal. Tired kids! Yea!


Ashleigh & Zebb said...

So much fun! and yes your SIL is supermodel gorgeous, but then again you are too! you need to look in the mirror more often! haha love you girl!

The Gerard Family said...

Love that splash pad! Little Bree is so dang cute and love the chubby legs, belly etc. LOVE IT LOVE IT.

Melody B. said...

Where is this at? And Bree's suit...priceless!

Kari said...

If I remember correctly, its on Az Ave and Warner in Chandler. Fun times!

Morris Mama said...

Wow! I had no idea a cool place like that was around! I gotta go there! Great pics!

Anna Macfarlane said...

Love the prayer photo above and the great free water parks in AZ!

You seriously are the cutest girl ever! I was telling my husband about what a cool person you were in HS and how much I admire you!

Rock on!

Sommer said...

We loved that place when we lived in Chandler... it gets the job done of staying cool!
They all look like they are lovin' it.