Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Don't freak out

This past week was one of injury for our kiddos. We usually always have the normal bumps and bruises that come with little ones. A fall there, a scraped knee there, but this time there were a few doosies. (Does anyone say that word anymore?)

To the grandparents reading's nothing serious, but made for some good pictures!

First up is Miss Bree. Or should I say...Miss Daredevil. This little girl is one crazy, naughty little thing. She loves to get into anything and everything. She also can be found climbing on tables, counters, etc. She broke one of my chairs a few weeks ago by tipping it just a little too far! Stinker! Well, last week after a trip to Costco, I was loading up the truck with groceries and she was playing inside the cab. When I went to open the door, out flies my little monkey! It happened so fast, but I did manage to catch her leg on the way down so she didn't land on the road! Poor baby hit her cheekbone on the door and she got a nice shiner.

For those that have followed her story about her cancer, you'll remember that this is what her eyes looked like when she was diagnosed. (Only it was in both eyes) It was a weird, yet good feeling to know that this was just a fall, and NOT cancer coming back. Even still, it's hard to see her with a black eye again!
Next is Mr. G. This boy is always playing swords, bad guys and always enjoys a good wrestling match. Well his latest match with Caleb ended in a fat lip. It was twice as swollen then what shows in the picture. He had a pretty good cut underneath too. He was tough about it and even asked me if it was a "cool" owiee. What do you think?


JakenDebbie said...

Very cool, Gunner. Only he makes it cool with that face to go with it...what a little stud!! Bree's bruises are not so cool. Poor thing!! That would freak me out just a little, too. :)

Amy Lemmermann said...

I know how it is, one of my kids ALWAYS seems to have some huge bump or bruise..people probably think I beat them!!!