Friday, September 3, 2010

Bree's first haircut

The time has come my friends. I tried to hold off on cutting Breezy's hair but it was starting to get a little too crazy even for her. :) 
I took her to a fun place where she got to watch a movie and sit in a fun car chair. Plus, her big brothers got haircuts before her so of course she wanted to join the fun.

She got treated like royalty with a blowdry and style. They even gave her a little bow and saved her hair in a keepsake frame. She kept telling me "I pincess (princess) Momma!" She is my little princess!

I know it's not anything drastic (I think she really only had like 1/2 inch cut off) but her hair looks a lot better, feels healthier & hopefully it'll help it lay down a bit too! Although I do love her "electric" hair when it sticks straight out!


Kathryn said...

She looks so much like our Addi I can't believe it! She is darling! We need to get them together and take a picture because they really look a lot alike.

Jessica said...

Sweet girl! She is so gorgeous, Kari!

Adam&Rachel said...

Hi Kari :) my internet friend. I haven't checked your blog in a while and it's great to see you are your family are doing so great! Congrats on your pregnancy as well!! :)