Saturday, October 30, 2010

September Recap

Ah, another month has flown I will do my usual catch-up with pictures. This month my belly really started growing. Here's the belly shot at 20 weeks:

I do love pregnancy...only this one has definitely taken the energy out of me. My energy levels might have something to do with chasing my 3 other little ones around too I guess. I am feeling pretty good and glad to know I'm half way done! This little baby really is very active. I started feeling him move around 16 weeks and he's constantly doing flips and kicks. The kids love to feel my belly...especially Gunner. He's Mr. Sensitive. :)

This is just a random picture before church. I love seeing my kiddos all dressed up. Too bad Bree's hair gets messed up by the time we climb in the car!

September brought lots of soccer games. Gunner is part of the Lightning Bolts and is very eager to play. He loves to play with all his buddies. Love the intensity on this face! Way to go buddy!

Gunner's "before the game" picture! What a handsome guy!

This month I celebrated another birthday. Can't believe I have 32 years under my belt...I still feel like a teenager at heart but definitely don't have the energy like one! My kids helped blow out my candles. Love the boys faces!

My day was full of celebration and lots of yummy treats. We hit as many "freebie" places as I could! Had to grab a pic with my little ones at Joe's BBQ!

My sweet friend Laura brought these beauties over too. Thanks girly! Justin took me out for a yummy breakfast and I felt very loved by so many friends and family. Cards, bday lunch with girlfriends (thanks Rachael!), I felt very spoiled! It almost made me forget that I'm getting older....almost.

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Kelly said...

Cute post! I think the lack of energy is our age, and having more kids!! You look great! So glad you had a great BDAY! Love ya

Mandi said...

Your kids are the cutest!! Glad it was a nice Birthday!! Looks like you were spoiled and had a great day! Love ya girl!!