Monday, November 8, 2010

Halloween Pics

For Halloween, Gunner was Buzz Lightyear, Caleb was (supposed to be) a Knight, Justin was a Sun"Devil" and I was the angel by his side. This is about as dressed up as Justin will get. :) Unfortunately for me, I bought Caleb's costume without having him try it on and he ended up hating the thing altogether so he wore it for about 5 minutes just to get a picture. Oh well, good thing I have more boys to use up the extra costumes! I am about 25 weeks prego in this picture. :) 

Sweet Breezy was Belle from Beauty & the Beast. Really, she just wanted an excuse to wear her princess dress. She had a Halloween party at preschool the week before Halloween and she loved getting all dolled up. Of course, she wouldn't wear the matching crown with her dress but she still looks pretty cute! 

Happy (late) Halloween!

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