Saturday, February 19, 2011

First week of life

Here's a few pictures of Bode's first week home. 

He had lots of visitors, lots of cuddling with his brothers and sister and lots of pictures. His mama wished she got lots of sleep, but alas, that didn't happen. 

This was the day we left the hospital. I love how they do the names of the babies. So fancy, yet masculine!

I know I'm a fatso, but I LOVE this picture!

All packed up and ready to go home!

Caleb couldn't wait to hold Bode. He immediately sat on the couch and put a pillow on his lap and held out his arms as if he were saying "Okay, Mom, I'm ready, give me the baby!"

Breezy, of course, loved to baby him!

We printed this picture so Gunner could show his class his new baby brother. He was so proud!

He had lots of visitors. This is his Great Grandma (Gam-la mor) Steverson. She's 91 and is amazing. She still does water aerobics, goes shopping and drives her own car. Like I said, Amazing!

Aunt Kissa and Uncle Ryan came over for a visit too. 

Sweet Anna banana. She's so grown up!

 He took lots of naps...Oh, how envious I was that he could sleep so much! haha

How I love the gas smiles!

Justin's already training him on the finer things in life...

When he was exactly 1 week old, I took some pictures of him all cuddled up in his favorite blanket. What a sweet little man he is!

Tiny little feet...

Tiny little hands...

Oh that face!

I had fun making his birth announcement. 


We love our sweet baby boy!

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Mandi said...

He is SO handsome. What a fun first week. :) Love the pictures you took of him, and NO you don't look fatso. Your beautiful!!! He is precious. So sweet!!!!