Saturday, September 15, 2007

1 down, 2 to go...

Trimesters that is! I'm so excited that I made it to my second trimester! I was thinking back today about some of the things I liked/disliked about this 3rd pregnancy so far and this is what I came up with:


-bacon & tomato sandwiches
-thicker hair
-stronger nails
-plain yogurt
-cold cereal
-fruit & more fruit!


-chocolate (can you believe that? it's true)
-break-outs (what the?)
-the fact that I'm already "popping" out! Unfair!
-how my cravings will change on a second I'm craving a food and then the next second it sounds replusive to me!
-weird smells (I can smell things like a mile away!)
-the extra "junk" in my "trunk!"

Ah, the joys of pregnancy. I really am enjoying this one. It's fun to talk to the boys about having a baby brother or sister. Anytime I mention the baby now Gunner will lift up my shirt and say "Hi baby, you sleeping in there?" Caleb will sign "baby" and smiles so big!

We are looking forward also to finding out what we're having. At our last appointment my Doc said he might've seen a little "nub" that seemed like boy parts but didn't want to committ to it. I've always thought that it's a boy. Justin thinks it's a girl...only time will tell...until next month!


Alisa & Joe Larson said...

That's so funny about the BLT sandwitches. I pretty much survived on them for a few months when I was prego w/ maybe it's a fiesty girl cousin for her to abuse? :-)And about the "junk in the trunk" ....Yeah right! You are so beautiful it makes me sick! I love you and am so excited for the baby!

dustin and amy johnson said...

I love being pregnant. Your dislikes and likes seem to be even right now, hopefully it will stay that way. The smell thing is the worst. I can smell stinky feet a mile away when I'm prego. Dustin always laughs at me cause he can never smell it, he thinks I'm making it up. Good to know that there is someone else out there.

Ryan and Tawnee, Kadence and Cambelle said...

Congratulations on making 1/3 down!! If it is another boy...that is great- you two make handsome young do you feel about arranged marriages. I wouldn't have been so fond of them myself but now that I am the mom...I am all in favor!!

The Scotts said...

A BLT sounds good! Good luck finding out what you are having and yea on the next trimester. I like to rub it in to Summer that I am almost finished and she still has forever! I hate myself for doing that!

The Blakes said...

Hope you feel better more often than not! I didn't eat ground beef for my entire pregnancy because it make me sick to my stomach - even looking at it! Funny how such a little baby will take over your whole body!

Linz said...

That is so fun! You have to love that exceptionally funky experience of being pregnant, there is nothing like it! I love that your boys are so excited about it as well! So fun! Cant wait to hear about whether its a boy or girl!

Travis and Marie said...

I am so glad I am not the only one who broke out when I was pregnant. It only happened with my boys - not my girl but I hated it...I am just glad I am not the only one. I am sure you are just as beautiful even with the few imperfections you can pick out! I am excited for your number 3!