Friday, September 21, 2007


Okay, Krista, I hope you enjoy this! Thanks for tagging me!

1. What was I doing 10 years ago?
- It's weird to think back to 1997, but I was at NAU living with my friends Melissa, Carrie, Debbie & Michale. At first I was thinking about doing physical therapy there but changed my mind later to finish up at ASU and study Nutrition.

2. What was I doing 5 years ago?
-I was at home with my beautiful new baby boy Caleb. He was such a sweet baby. He slept so well and was ALWAYS happy. What a good boy!

3. What was I doing 1 year ago today?
- Funny that I remember what I did 10 years ago, but can't remember what I was doing a year ago. We were probably doing the normal things, running around doing mom and tot stuff. Caleb was in preschool and Gunner was a fun little 18 month old. :)

4. What was I doing yesterday?
- Let's see, we went to the doctor, got a new cool purple cast on Gunner's leg, played in the backyard, and got to do a quick visit with cousins!

5. What are 5 snacks I enjoy eating?
This is a tough question, because I don't like many foods right now. If I had to pick, it'd be bagel & cream cheese, homemade raspberry jam & toast, cereal, and peanut butter with vegetables. Weird I know...I think I'm pregnant or something!

6. What I would do with $100 million dollars?
Wow, what a lot of money. First, pay my tithing, pay off our house, buy a large lot to do a custom home, hire a decorator to decorate my home with lots of crown moulding and pretty paint colors, build a fun fort or tree house for my kids, buy a nice SUV for our family, hire a nanny (just kidding), make my husband retire, get floor tickets to the Suns (since I know Justin would LOVE that) save a lot of money (of course) and then go on some nice vacations with my cute hubby!

7. What are 5 bad habits that I have?
1. I like to sleep in too much (til 7am), 2. taking l-o-n-g showers, 3. I have a hard time saying "I'm sorry," 4. eating at night and 5. not exercising lately! I'm so bad!

8. 5 things I like to do
(this is not in order of importance)
- 1. play with my kids 2.Obviously like to blog 3. date night with my hubby 4.scrapbook (even though its been a while) 5. crafts with friends

9. 5 tv shows that I watch
1. the office 2. Survivor 3. design on a dime 4. lost 5. any other fun design show!

10. 5 biggest joys right now.
1. justin 2. Caleb 3. Gunner 4. new baby 5. wonderful family & friends

I tag: Alisa, Monique, Chelsey, Summer, Amy J, Melissa & Rachel!!


brownymama said...

Peanut butter with vegees? That sounds gross, Kari! And let me add some of your answers to the money question onto mine! It's dangerous to dream about that one!
Thanks for playing!
Love ya!

Dance Mama said...

Oh no, you tagged me. I am so bad about ever doing those things! I will try to do it sometime....sounds noncommittal I know. Love ya though!

Anonymous said...

Hey girl! How the heck are you?! What a cute blog you have. And an even cuter family. What a fun way to see what everyone is doing. Ten years was a long time ago, huh........we're getting old! Have a great day!! Lindsay Hale