Monday, October 1, 2007

Caleb's BIG Party!!

Hi all! Please join us at Caleb's big party...the Buddy Walk! This is a 1-mile walk for Down syndrome awareness. Then afterwards there is a huge carnival-like party! The money raised goes towards education, advocacy for children with Down syndrome, new parent packets, and overall assistance for these wonderful children.

If you would like to join our team to walk and party with us, or make a donation, you can register by clicking on the link: and clicking on "Buddy Walk - Join Team." Then look for "Caleb Cook" with his picture.

Above all, I don't want this to be a solicitation. Mostly, we would be so delighted to have our friends and family join us to celebrate the life of Caleb. The Buddy Walk really is a wonderful day. There are moon bounces, pony rides, snow cones, game booths, music and lots of food! And it is free to come. There's no obligation to donate. For those that have come in the past, they say it's been such a great day! Feel free to email me with questions!

Here's the info:
October 27, 2008
Walk starts at 9am
SRP Pera Park (Tempe)


Russ and Dana Jones said...

Hi kari! it's been so long since I checked your blog! You're so great! Glad to hear all the good things going on. Sad about the cast-I know how you feel. Rachel was cast after her surgery from the chest down both legs for 3 months. Isn't it amazing how they can just roll with it? Kids are amazing! Anyway, love you!

Alisa Larson said...

Annalise is so excited for Calebs party! And I know Ava will love it this year too! Go Caleb!