Thursday, October 25, 2007

"All Done Red Leg!"

The day finally arrived when Gunner was able to get his red cast off! Yea! Of course, as soon as we walked back to see the doctor he started crying because this place has scarred him of scary noisy machines and doctors that tug and pull on his leg. I reassured him that we were going to take his big boot off and that he'll be able to walk on his leg without the cast.

It was a little scary for him to hear the loud noise of the saw as it cut his cast off. Those things scare me a little. The sharp blade so close to his leg creeps me out, but I have to be tough for my little Gunn man. It did help that there was a miniature skeleton with a red cast on his leg too. He got to hold him through this whole ordeal.
This experience has taught us many things. We've been creative with things we can do with Gunner and watched him be so tough. His cast changed from blue to purple to red. He's been such a good boy about everything.
Of course I forgot my camera on the day he got his cast off, but thought I'd post my favorite pictures of him throughout this journey.
The good wagon. How he loved going for rides and even taking naps in it!

He is now walking really well. He's still adjusting to having the cast off. He walks around like its still on. We're so glad that he's all healed up and that he doesn't have any permanent damage. He's such a big boy and we're so proud of you Gunner!


Chelsey said...

You've got my email right??

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Hey Cook Family! This is Tricia Hobbs Folsom (a friend of Justin's from HS) and I definitely would like to be able to still read your blog. My address is

Family Journal said...

What a sweetie! I love the wagon nap! noah always asks to put his pillow in the tub for a nap. He can't even lay down flat in there anymore, but whatever! Kids are funny!