Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Twilight Series

Okay, I finished the third book to the Twilight series, Eclipse, on Sunday night and have been thinking about how its all going to finally end.

***Disclaimer: For anyone that hasn't read the books, there are spoilers ahead! Proceed with caution!!**********************************************************************************

Will Bella marry Edward afterall and will she truly become a vampire? Or will she go back to Jacob? I am DYING to read the next book. Can't she come out with it sooner!?!

I dont really know why but I keep thinking about all the books now and I guess I just need to vent some of my thoughts about them so that I can finally move on my with life!! It's amazing how I was so engrossed in these books and how often I would think about this romantic love story!

First, I keep thinking about poor Jacob. I know overall, I was routing for Edward the entire time but I can't help but feel sorry for Jacob and how heartbroken he was. Do you think he'll actually show up to the wedding? Or will Bella somehow decide to go back to him now that she knows she really loves him? What I am hoping for is that the next book will introduce a new girl and that Jacob will imprint on her that way he'll be happy and Bella won't feel obligated to him.

Another idea that I am still thinking about is why did Edward leave Bella in the first place? I already know the answer to that question in that Jacob's love for Bella had to be introduced and the werewolves had to be brought into the equation. And I know Edward explained to Bella why he left and everything is now hunky dorie, but I still am just so irked at him for leaving in the first place! I'm glad that in the end, they are together and Alice is planning the wedding, but also not totally convinced that Bella is going to truly want to be a vampire after all is said and done. As much as I want her and Edward to be together forever, I feel sad that she'll miss out on the wonderful parts of life. All the human experience, having babies and being a family, etc. On the flip side, I totally understand why she would want to become immortal with Edward because, lets be honest here, who would want to live without Edward?! Okay, am I a freak or what?

Anyway, I think that pretty much sums up my thoughts on the matter. I can now go on with my life...thank goodness!!

Just a quick side note, I went on the official website of Stephanie Meyer and discovered that she is writing another book about Edward's perspective of Twilight. It's supposed to correlate with Twilight. The first chapter is on her website. It's really good. It's called "Midnight Sun" and it will come out after the fourth book is published. Did I mention I can't wait for its release? If you're a fan, check it out at http://www.stepheniemeyer.com/


Alifinale said...

I love this series too! It is totally addicted. I am so with you that Jacob needs to imprint on someone else...so we can all not feel so bad for him because seriously Bella needs to be with Edward. Oh, this is so addicting.

Cute blog! So fun to see your cute family!

Grandma and Grandpa cook said...

Where do you get this series. I'm in the dark and never heard of it. Would Dad like it? Sounds interesting. Love, MOM