Thursday, October 25, 2007

How we pass the time...

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I haven't really been keeping up too good with my boys so here's a little update on what we've been doing.
A few weeks ago we finished with October break. Caleb had 2-1/2 weeks off of school so we did a lot of fun things like going to the zoo and playing at the park...well as much as we could...I couldn't let Gunner set foot in the sand for fear of him getting sand in his cast. That is something I did NOT want to deal with. These are the only pictures I got of the zoo.

Over the break, Caleb also found some fun in the backyard. We were putting our winter grass in and had a bunch of water in the backyard. We had also removed a dead tree but hadn't filled in the hole...Caleb got to it before we could fill it with dirt...and since our yard had extra water, it all drained out to this hole creating a really fun little pool, as you can see!

Gunner also found some fun stuff to do. Despite having his little cast, he is so busy! He found the animal crackers while I was doing laundry upstairs and decided he wanted to count them all. So of course, he had to pour them all out! They are now considered dog treats!

Another one of Caleb's favorite things is movies. Besides Barney, he loves the Disney movies. He will actually crack up and laugh at the funny parts. Its great to see. Here's a movie of him dancing to "Happy Feet."

Overall, we had a great break and it was so fun to spend extra time with Caleb. I love my boys!

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